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  1. *The scene commences with the camera crew entering a room, seemingly Alias' locker room. You can hear voices nearby when the camera reveals Alias watching TV, and once again, on the phone with someone.*

    "BROTHER, you just see that? Bryant got obliterated by new kid on the block, hahahah. Fucking idiot. I love it, pure spectacle. But man, you seeing the pattern I'm starting to see too? All my former rivals are in the fucking shits! Fading away, retiring, getting their asses beat, losing to MICHAEL, just a big amalgamation of disappointment and discombobulation from the so-called IWT "legends". Just goes to show you really, this has been survival of the fittest all along. And I've been the fittest motherfucker in this company since day one. Natural selection, you know that Darwin stuff right? Adapt or perish, sink or swim, live...or die? Yeah, you know? Anyway, don't worry, I've got this sorted out. The outline of this plan is starting to take shape and soon it'll be a full-fledged reality. The paradigm's shifting brother, I've been saying this. Ignorance is bliss, though, am I right? Hang on."

    *Alias then turns around and realizes the camera crew in the entrance of his locker room. His face then turns into an exasperated expression.*

    What the hell are you guys doing there standing like a bunch of inept assholes? You ever hear of something called knocking? Heard of privacy? Heard of personal fucking space? Man, who sent you? It was Michael wasn't it? Well tell that fucktard if he wants to spy on me, then he better step up his game. Or overtly call me out face to face. I'll be more than pleased to stare that coward in the eye and give him a preview of what's to come on that next IWT PPV. What's it called now? Retaliation? Revenge? Whatever man. All that PPV will be known for is me becoming a 3 time champion. Technically, a four time champion but because I've been screwed over by this company on more than one occasion we'll just keep it at that. Hope Michael enjoys this boom of IWT while it lasts because once I take control of everything, there's no turning back. And no, I still don't know who Danny Jacobs is.

    The Decadence is here.

    Now get out.

    *Alias slams his door shut and the scene ends.*
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  2. yeah
  3. Someone call the cops, Micheal just got raped by Alias
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  4. My butt hole is used to it, by now.
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