Bruce Knight AMW interview

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  1. Knight walks onto the set with two titles, The US Title and the British Title as the Interviewer waits to ask Knight questions.

    "How was it like fighting against the others in a steel cage?"

    Knight: Let me tell you, a 9 year old child can do better then that old coot, Dat Kid and That Total Loser, Kenny Robinson. My only challenge was Marcus Anthony and yet I won. I was fed two jobbers as a taster and I was given a real challenge by Marcus Anthony....My British Spirit, My Pride and Honor saw me through as I defeated those pathetic Americans.

    "Why did you decide to change the US Championship?"

    Knight: Because, The US is not deserving of it's own matter what the crowd says, The British are always better then you Americans. I changed it because The British won their match at the dispense of you're American Heroes, One Stereotypical Black Gangster, One Thick headed Model and one Crazy male prostitute, The best men you could give me were those pathetic human beings....The best America had to offer and I crush them under my Foot.

    "You now have to fight Dat Kid, are you nervous?"

    Knight: I have to face Dat Jobber again? Listen, He can call himself God in IWT, He can act like a gang boss here....but he'll always be inferior to me. I am the God and you are just a lost sheep, who strayed from the right path and left his herd. Just Like in our Cage match, I will crush you and show that you are worthless like the worms in the dirt....and People of America will come to know you as Dat Failure from Jersey.

    And if you feel like attacking the interview guy for heat, then also add this last one;

    "How come people in the UK sometimes have....well....ugly teeth..?"

    Knight stares intesnly at the Interviewer, getting angry at his question, gripping his belts tightly.

    Knight: What did you just say.....You dare insult us.....The Superior Country? I'll make you regret those words.

    Knight grabs the Interviewer by the tie and throws him into the set before laying him down with Boots to the chest. He Picks him up and says to him "I'll show you ugly Teeth" before smacking him in the mouth with The US Title before going back to the kicking of the chest. Security comes in and separates them both, taking Knight away with his belts as Medics tend to the injured Interviewer
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