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  1. First of all sorry if a similar thread has already been written, but there didn't seem to be on quick glance.

    What a disgrace Vince McMahon is. I don't believe for a second that the squash happened because he wanted to beat some shitty record. Not at all. He wanted to embarass Bryan on the grandest stage of them all, he wanted as many people to see it as possible.

    Honestly, I enjoyed a lot of the pay-per-view, but not as much as I should have because I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

    WWE spend months building him up, giving him this brilliant character - getting him completely over. You only had to see the reaction he got when he came out - all the Yes signs and chants for him. I loved it when abut half the crowd started chanting Daniel Bryan's name in the next match, they should've done it in every one just to show Vince how disgraceful his actions were.

    Sheamus is the one who deserves to be fucking buried. No personality, no ring ability, no mic ability and not even slightly over. Why is he beating the best wrestler in the world? He's going to get booed soon, I'd put money on that. He's getting booked like John Cena but he doesn't have half the talent John does.

    One more thing. What a professional Daniel Bryan is. To go out there and get completely embarrased, and still put in 100%. I would have told Vince to go and fuck himself, and that I wouldn't compete unless Vince changed it.

    Oh yeah and the WHC means nothing now, good effort.

    Fuck you, Vince.
  2. Like I said on the other thread dbry had a campaign coming up the yes campaign butg vince dident want that so he gave semeus win very quick dbryis trash anyway sorry for spelling I'm at school
  3. And it set a really bad tone for the PPV, as we heard by the crowd chanting "Daniel Bryan" and "Yes!" for the next 3 matches.
  4. That's alright, I agree as well. Vince doesn't want him to suceed.
  5. Thank you for airing the same thoughts that I have. I can't put this hate into words, and I HAVEN'T EVEN WATCHED IT YET.

    I'm respecting your opinion on Sheamus though. I have a different one, sadly.
  6. Dbry I'm not going to lie I was starting to love the yes campaign but thegreatwhite ane vince just fucked dbry
  7. Yeah, I don't dislike Sheamus that much, but he's getting totally overpushed IMO and his booking really annoys me.
  8. Is there going to be a press confrence
  9. You're all acting ridiculous about this thing. Bryan will now move onto RAW before having a program with CM Punk.

    In any case, it was entertaining and unexpected. Plus Sheamus got a decent reaction.

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  10. I don't see how we are acting ridiculous exactly?

    A match that is supposed to be for the second biggest belt in the WWE lasted 18 seconds, a 5 month title reign gone in 18 seconds and the most entertaining superstar on the Smackdown roster at the moment buried in 18 seconds, at Wrestlemania?!

    Yet we are acting "ridiculous"?! How can anyone defend that shit!!
  11. R albin it was vinces fault but adam how are we being ridiculas bud
  12. Totally. I'm gutted the "Vince screwed Bryan" chant didn't catch on..
  13. I hate dbry for how he treats aj but the yes chant was catching on fuck yu vince
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