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  1. Here's a example of what I can do and might start a banner shop next week.

  2. That is so cool! :cornette:

    I actually do banners/signatures myself and have been making a lot for myself lately but I settled on my current one because it got the most positive feedback and I s'pose it's the most creative one I have so far.

    I was pretty proud of my previous one though:

    I've been on forums before and usually they have an art section and have people ask to make a signature or icon and the art forum members make it for them. Sometimes, there was even contests on who can create the best banner and/or icon for the assigned theme we were given. It was always a fun little thing I've always participated it. Maybe in the future there will be things like that here and get more members active. It's a nice little idea.
  3. That's awesome that you do banners and art as well. The one you did looks off the charts. That is cool that you have been on forums before and the information. I wouldn't mind helping out in the art department. We need more people to share the love of creating banners and other art work. Your idea is great idea.
  4. Aww thanks! I'm just excited there's another artistic person here!

    Now if we could just get @[Crayo] to see the suggestion.
  5. I assume you're using the term 'artwork' loosely.
  6. Not enough content for a whole section. People could always use this section to show off their graphical work and/or request signatures/banners.
  7. Not just show off their work but to eventually hold some sort of theme contests of sorts if there were enough people who'd be willing to create such things. I don't think there are enough people either but it's just a thought to keep members active and whatnot.
  8. I'd love to hold contests, this site constantly needs updated graphics.
  9. I s'pose I am. It really all depends on your opinion of art.

    But I was just putting out experiences I had before on forums that kept me on there for awhile. I guess this forum isn't as kiddy as the one I use to be in, so maybe silly things like having themed banner contests wouldn't really fit here perse. Just a thought though because I really like this forum and do want to draw more people in.
  10. Yeah, but that art is not close enough to this one I did earlier this year.


    I am proud to know a artist in this site. Makes me feel like home. :emoji_slight_smile:


    Yeah, I do sometimes. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. That is so awesome, dude. :smug:
  12. Thank you and I also made this for a close friend and I.

  13. Seems pretty cool, are you open to requests by any chance?
  14. Yeah, I guess.
  15. I didn't know you like Ariana Grande. I love her too! I love Elizabeth Gillies more though. :smug:

    When I was scrolling through the members section on this forum, I saw there use to be a fan of Victoria Justice.
  16. Can you take non-WWE requests? (Ex. Boy band edits)
  17. Yeah I have liked Ariana Grande since her first ever scene in Victorious. She really is a great actor and a singer. She earned bonus points with me in her music videos with Victoria Justice and the whole crew. Interesting where did that fan go to?


    Yes I take non-WWE request.
  18. This is pretty messed up. Everything is clashing and sizes are messed up (people bigger than trees ect).
    Real art in my opinion is sketching something yourself, or modeling it. Not taking images found online and mashing them together. Here are 2 examples,


    Basic, but it works.


    Pick up a pencil, or design something unique digitally is what I'm getting at.
  19. These are some fine work you have here, but to me I like to do that since I can't pencil or drawl something for shit. I stick to what I know how to do. I do respect what you are saying.
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