Storyline Built of Scars and Fear: A Response to Scott Fargo

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  1. Nights removed after IWT Anarchy, the IWT Universe are pumping themselves up for another action-packed edition of Vice. But the show doesn’t start off the way they’d expect it to.

    The lights of the arena change to red as IWT’s “Empress,” Ivy Hale’s music plays. Just days ago she came out victorious in what was her toughest challenge yet against Spawn. As she makes her way out to the stage, wearing a medium black dress, black boots and sleeves on her arms, you would expect her to be smiling, perhaps showing a bit of pride in her victory. But her expression is cold. She doesn’t waste much time getting in the ring, not even taking time to hang down from the ropes like she normally does. She just goes up the steps and goes between the ropes into the ring. A ringside attendant hands her a microphone and she instead rips it out of his hand. The theme music cuts out, but Ivy stands in the middle of the ring, red light surrounding her, eyes glued to her and what she says.

    Not a sound comes out of her mouth right away as she looks around slowly, unable to focus on a single thing. She tries to calm herself by taking short, quick breaths, but to no success. Murmurs are heard from the fans, wondering why she is out here, or if she will even say a single word? She raises the microphone to speak, but no words form. Her hand shakes slightly while holding the microphone. Something is building inside of her and she seems to be trying to hold it down. But eyes continue to be focused on her, judging her. The open hand of Hale slowly moves to her forehead and she grabs a bit of her hair. Body shaking more and more until she finally exclaims on the microphone, loud for the world to hear…

    “I told you! I told you all!”
    Her voice echoes in the arena, displacing her anger throughout the crowd. “Wasn’t I right when I said no person is immune to fear? Didn’t I say that your faith doesn’t make you stronger, but rather just another face? Nobody is immune to fear…and it doesn’t matter how experienced you are, how arrogant you can be, your size strength, heart, divine intervention, fear is what runs this world! You see politicians on your television screen. They oversell the terror of what you’re living in, they label groups as murderers, criminals, evil, wicked, to make you scared to dividing us while at the same time uniting us in fear of what isn’t the problem. Then what do they do? They claim, “I am the one solution, I’ll make everything great again, all for your allegiance!” Then they lead you to a fucking slaughter house! It’s happened many times before, but we never learn because fear blinds our judgement. Fear, also tells you when you’re threatened. You walk home in a dark alley in the middle of the night but you feel, someone is following you. Like someone is watching your every move. Your skin crawls, hair stands on end and an uneasy feeling turns your stomach. That feeling that forces you to pull out your phone and dial “9-1-1” to alert people to save you…fear does that to you.”

    Something seems different from Hale. More mad than usual, her mind is completely unhinged and is practically yelling each time she speaks.

    “Life, death, survival, power, fear has a hand in all of that and Spawn, I don’t care if you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, going through your daily routine of going to the gym, maybe shoot another little film to rally support and teach these people that “hard work and fighting for honour will get you somewhere in life,” and go to bed thanking God for giving this you this day, for health, and forgiveness …something I can never do. I’ll give credit where it is due. You’ve proven to be strong, a fighter, and somehow you rallied support around yourself, but you’re not immune. Do you understand? Huh Spawn?!”

    Not even directing her message directly at a present person, she continues by going off at someone else…

    “What about you, Tyson Storm!? The man obsessed with stardom and lumped me in the use of the wretched word “star.” I see you have yourself a partner almost as sleazy and crude as yourself. You got to fight Champions and ran a gauntlet of matches? You think of yourself so highly you blur the lines of this industry constantly. Great for you, but you’re not immune to it either! That is why it was so easy for me to defeat you…that is why you fell so hard in your Universal Title match. That downfall all started with your loss to me. But you're not my first victim.”

    Her mad verbal rampage continues. This time, going back to where it all began for her in IWT.

    “How about Reagan Cole? Oh, where is he? Don’t you all miss his lovable personality, his never say die attitude, and his strength, overcoming hardship after hardship? Well he’s home right now because he’s scared to show his face around here after me, a sweet girl, forced him to submit in front of the world at IWT Summerslam! No matter who you’re aligned with, your accolades, beliefs, confidence, madness, support, fear is all around us and influences our daily lives. It makes boys out of men, it allows us to live, and die and I know it all too well. After all fear…”

    She pauses. With her open hand she rips the sleeve off her other arm that is holding the microphone and switches had so she can raise her bare arm to the crowd, showing the scars that were shown at Anarchy.

    “...Did this to me. When I say I was built by fear, I wasn’t lying. These markings define me and they were made by the fear that was around me. Does it make me stronger? Well, they say a scar simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. So yes, Ivy Hale is stronger than fear itself. Scars and fear built me and twisted my mind and from a scared little girl, the Empress of Fear was born. Now you know why I’ve been preaching what I’ve preached for months. This motivates me. The fact that Reagan Cole chose to motivate himself not with his pain, but a quest for glory is why I took a wrench to the ankle of Reagan Cole and tried to choke him out at Summerslam. That is also why when Tyson Storm walked out for his debut, laughed, reduced the playground where I do my work and an entire country that has its fair share of misfits like me, to nothing but a joke…I chose to face him and drop him from his position on cloud nine. That also motivated me to force Spawn to suffer from his betrayal of the rejected, aligning himself with the very thing that reminded me of what made these scars. I’m not a hero, and I’m no witch. Nobody understands, and you never will.”

    Getting these feelings off her chest seems to have calmed her down a tad bit. She rubs her head and continues with her message. “But what is certain is that I’ve done everything here with purpose. So what’s next for Ivy Hale? What’s next for the Empress of Fear? The girl built by scars and fear. After Anarchy, I went to the locker room area, alone. I was reflecting on what I’ve done so far in IWT…then I heard echo through the hallways “Ivy Hale, I want you to step up..” That voice was of IWT Universal Champion, Scott Fargo.”

    Saying the name of the Champion brings a very mixed reaction. Some fans, perhaps happy that a new face is at the top of the company. Others unamused with his level of arrogance and tactics the Bullad Club have used over the past number of months.

    “Scott Fargo wants to know if Ivy Hale wants to step up to the so-called “Elite Four” of the company. First of all, Fargo, do you really understand who you’re talking to? Because I know who you are. One quarter of the Bullad Club, a group that apparently, ushered in this “new era” of IWT people keep lumping me into. So, why is it that Scott Fargo called me out? I mean, what the Bullad Club has done has been none of my concern. Nor is being a “so-called” champion on my list of priorities. Yet, here you were, in front of a packed Anarchy crowd, asking me to be the one to step up? It baffles me that you’re willing to take such a risk against me. Because I’m no Reagan Cole. I’m not Chris Kaizer, Schinzo, Corey Marcus, Tyson Storm, and I’m not the type of person to lay down for you. In fact, I don’t even desire to be Universal Champion.”

    “So why, why should I accept this challenge? This doesn’t seem to serve a purpose for me.” She starts to walk out of the ring and steps her first foot through the ropes, but stops. She instead goes back into the ring. “But then again…wouldn’t it be fun just to take what is the “crown jewel” of this person who claims to be “Elite,” of course it would be! So Scott Fargo, if you understand the gravity of your decision, I accept... At IWT Dragon Rising, it will be Scott Fargo defending his Championship against the Empress of Fear herself, Ivy Hale. Just remember, you asked for it. So when you're dreams are crushed, you're the only one held responsible."

    She exits the ring as her theme music begins to play. Heading towards the back, the only thing that remains in the ring is her arm sleeve. The fans are left to digest what just happened as the Universal Title match at Dragon Rising has been made.

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