Storyline Bullad Club Takeover

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    The camera fades in on the door of a locker room, the symbol of The Bullad Club displayed proudly on the centre. We hear the muffled sounds of celebration as the unseen cameraman gives a short sharp knock on the door. The noise inside halts for a moment as the door creaks open, Rio Nakayama stands with a frown, as do the rest of the members behind him, before they see the black camera and the celebration returns to normal. Rio smirks, pushing the cameraman in and the Club members continue reveling in their victory as Danny Jacobs begins to speak.

    ‘’We all came in, wanting to takeover this company. We all came in together, wanting to change this company. Tonight, at SummerSlam, we took over this company. Tonight, at SummerSlam, we changed this company to our vision. They wanted us to play by the rules, but we changed the game. They wanted us to listen to Authority, now they have to listen to us. No matter if it’s Michael, Adam, Chris Kaizer, Bishop, Spawn, Reagan Cole, Aids Johnson or the IWT Champion himself Luis Ovaldinho, we take what we want and we go through everyone to exactly do that and because of that, at the end of the biggest PPV of the year, none of them stood victorious out there… No, I stood victorious out there. James Dragon stood victorious out there. Rio Nakayama stood victorious out there and Scott Fargo stood victorious out there, but don’t think we’re done yet, because we still got a lot of fuel in our Ferrari engines and we don’t mind crashing through the front door to get what we want. What we want is power, what we want is validation. What Rio wants is the Television Championship, what James wants is the Intercontinental Championship and I want nothing more than the IWT Championship because it proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that there ain’t nobody like us, that we have not only taken over this company but also that the spotlight is on us, it’ll continue to be on us, and we ain’t sharin’ it with anyone! Ain’t that right, brothers? Haha, THE BIG GUY~!’’

    The four men all laugh and clink their cans of beer together. Danny continues to yell THE BIG GUY~! As all members of the Club whoop and holler over each other. Eventually the celebration dies down once more and the youngest member of the Bullad Club, Rio Nakayama begins to speak.

    “You know Danny just brought up a lot of big name losers right there but don’t think for a second that if you’re a nobody you’re going to be safe from the greatest stable in professional wrestling history! That’s right, I’m looking at the Louie Aldos, the Chris Youngs and even the Tyson Storms of IWT and I’m here to tell you that by being lower down you are in fact in even more danger than you’d be at the top of the pyramid, you see the Bullad Club don’t respect losers because we’re all winners here and there is nothing we hate more than those incapable of having any worth to this company or to the fans, you mistake us for a bunch of cheaters who will do anything to win but that’s far from the truth! We want to be beaten! We want to be proven wrong! Because we’re trying to bring this company to glory and have everyone in it, whether it be the lowest or highest member of the roster on that pyramid be Bullad Club quality! Right now? None of you are Bullad Club quality and I personally am going to exterminate all those pathetic cockroaches at the bottom who think that by staying in hiding they are by default, safe from the mightiest boot in professional wrestling, well you’re dead wrong and soon you’re going to be crushed by us, so next time you turn a corner check over your shoulder a few times because before you know it, I will be there, ready to strike and ready to claim another victory for the Bullad Club!”

    Once again the men all clink their cans, Danny grabs another from a nearby cooler as James Dragon takes point, his forehead bandaged and bruised from the brutal cage match, but his spirit no less dampened.

    “See, there’s been a lotta talk tonight about what we’ve done. But the fact ‘o the matter is, it ain’t enough. Because our goal doesn’t stop by beating anyone that comes into contact with us. It stops when we force the system of IWT to change. To rid out the people like Jack Forté. And replace ‘em with people like Rio, Dan, Scott and of course, yours truly. Hell, the fact that even SOME people might be talking about the… IW…. What are they called?”

    ‘’I don’t know brother, I only take notice of relevant stuff. HAHA~!’’

    “WELL YOU KNOW WHAT, IT DOESN’T MATTER! Whoever the hell is in that group! Frankly, I’m not too sure who, but to anyone that flies that banner proudly. All you are is yet another soon to be trophy on the walls of our locker room. Another name and statistic crushed at the bottom of our heel. So the fact that my good brother Scott over here has the Universal title, is only the beginning for us. Rio over here, the finest young athlete in IWT, bar none, is soon going to be your new Television champion. And when he does, brother, you’d best believe all of us are gonna celebrate yet again, because when a member of the Bullad Club takes a trophy. They never, never relinquish it. Which is why if Mikey has any sense, he’ll put everything he can in the way of Danny Jacobs, not that it’ll stop him, but at least when Danny has the world title from that un-charismatic piece of trash Luis, Mikey can at least say, that he tried.”

    “And Jacky-boy! Let me be clear. That I’m comin’ for ya! Because it’s gonna be the sweetest trophy I ever take, when I rip out your very soul by holding the Intercontinental Championship high above my head baby! YOUR BRUSH WITH GREATNESS IS OVER!”

    Yet again, The Bullad Club cheers as the Universal Champion Scott Fargo raises his drink and hoists up his title onto his shoulder, he begins a speech of his own.

    “All I gotta say is this, try doubting us now. Tonight, here at IWT Summerslam, one of the biggest shows in IWT history. We showed everyone, we showed the people at the top, and we showed the people at the bottom that, without a doubt, we are the very best. We took SummerSlam and all the great moments it had and made it a show that is truly one for the ages. Rio took care of that clown Adam, James took apart Nick, Danny proved everything Michael said about us was wrong, and me? I killed a legend. I showed that what Tyson Storm accomplished on Vice was nothing more than a fluke. I’m going to prove that at IWT Anarchy. But that’s something to worry about in the future, as for right now? There ain’t nothin, there ain’t NOBODY that can bring us down.”

    “Danny! Do your thing brother!”

    Danny grabs several cans of beer from the cooler as the other members cheer. He opens them up and is about to drink when he looks one last time at the camera.

    “Fuck. Off!”

    The cameraman makes his way to the door as we hear the voices of the BC members fade in the background.

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  3. Lmfaooo laughed too hard at that part.

    Great promo, boys.
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