Bully Ray guarantees to put Dixie Carter through a table

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    Bully Ray has guaranteed that he will put TNA President Dixie Carter through a table. Speaking to Roddy Piper on the Piper's Pit podcast, Bully had this to say regarding his feud with Dixie:

    "The person that has the most heat in TNA right now is Dixie Carter. I know what the wrestling fans and I know what the wrestling minds are going to say. ‘Well, you can’t pay it off.’ I say bullshit because I promise you that I’m going to pay it off. Somehow, someway, whether it's in Pennsylvania or in New York City, I guarantee that I’m going to take the most hated woman in professional wrestling – and the one woman that nobody respects in professional wrestling – I’m going to jack her up and I’m going to put her through a table. (...) The wrestling world is salivating; they want to know if this lady is going through a table. And I guarantee it. I'm going to pick her up as high as I can and I’m going to powerbomb her straight through a table. I don’t care if she breaks it into a million pieces. I have put many women through a table, and she is going to be next. "

    How about help from Devon and a 3D through a table?

  2. Still curious as to how they'll do this when Spike won't show it, but yeah, if he guaranteed it he should do so. Devon's help would be much appreciated.
  3. I will mark my fucking dick off.
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  4. Maybe Spike will let it air if Bully puts her through a table with a flying elbow, like he wanted to do at Slammiversary. It's less violent than Bully actually powerbombing the shit out her (or Team 3D giving her a 3D through a table).
  5. Perhaps. I'm not sure about how Spike's policy is on men beating up women but they may be able to work around it.
  6. They can go fuck themselves if they don't let it happen. Hopefully we won't have to wait until BFG for it to happen (if it is happening).
  7. Yeah, that's why I haven't been into this storyline very much (well, that and the fact that Dixie sucks as well, but let's leave that aside), I'm curious as to how the blowoff will come about. If they didn't do it at Slammiversary I really don't know how it'll go down lol. Waiting until BFG would suuuuuuuuck
  8. Didn't know this was an issue. LOLSpike
  9. Why wouldn't Spike show it? They had 1000 Ways to Die on that channel, and related to TNA, they had shown Karen Angle getting knocked out by Awesome Kong.
  10. From what I understand, they don't show man on woman violence.
  11. Well Angle had Awesome Kong go out to beat Karen Angle, I think that counts.
  12. Well, again, I'm not sure exactly how this policy works but from what I know it's there. So perhaps if Kong was the one who physically beat Karen up it's fine.
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