Storyline But Now I See.

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  1. Right before Corey Marcus versus Will Savat begins a vignette airs on the titantron. It takes you to a dark room, the only thing visible are the outlines of a man.

    A distorted voice comes from the right of the man.

    It's time.

    Another voice, this one with a lower pitch, comes from behind the man.

    The contract has been given, you know what you must have to do.

    Both of them say in unison.

    You were blind, but now you see. Is it clear what you must do?

    The man finally speaks.

    Yes, yes it is clear. It will be fulfilled, and the IWT will see. They will see the message, but they will not see me. Not yet.

    The voice on the right responds.

    No, they will see you. Just before it ends.

    The man responds once more.

    As you wish.

    The vignette fades.
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