Storyline By Any Means Necessary

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    Michael is standing at a podium in front of unknown extras, with Trip kneeling down next to him in the ring. Michael fixes his bow tie, and adjust the microphone, while wearing a sinister smile on his face.

    Michael: The world goes crazy for money, and you do too. You say you don't because money is thought to be a greedy thing, but no one likes to say they are greedy. What happened to just be yourself? Everyone wants billions of dollars at their disposal to buy houses and sports cars, but when they're asked...they say they'll donate it. What happened to just be yourself? You don't give a damn about the starving humans in Africa, you just say you do because you know it's what socially accepted of you. You don't care about the troops, it isn't you so why should I tear up when I see a warrior on the streets with no house? But you say you support them because that's what people expect you to say.

    Michael: Let it out. This is your life, live it. If you don't give a fuck about kids in Africa, so be it. If you give no shits that people fighting for your freedom are ending up on the street, just say it and move on. Say you want all the money in the world so you can buy the greatest hookers money can buy, a useless sports car and a warehouse full of beers only for your consumption. I'm not telling you to be your self by dressing up, I'm telling you to be yourself, for real. This ain't new, my friends, I'm just reminding you that you need to speak the truth. Instead of letting others dictate whether or not you can give a shit about murders mascaraed as "Soldiers". If you don't then you don't. Don't let anyone say otherwise, by any means necessary.

    Michael steps down as his music begins playing. Him and Trip walk away as the extras stand up and walk out through the crowd, screaming their displeasure about the malnourished around the world.

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  4. i don't get anything of this promo, could u maybe explain what the point is of this
  5. OOC: It's to build our "Devil's Advocate" gimmick, Trip and I planned.
  6. Which one is Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves?
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  7. I guess I would technically be Keanu in that scenario. I think.......