Voting Cactus Jack vs Forrest (Griffin)

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  1. Forrest

  2. Cactus Jack

  1. Adam always makes the lady come first so Forrest to start. Cactus Jack you both have 24 hours to complete your 2 promos.
  2. OOC: Since my match with Nano was cancelled another character change. Gonna be face again since I am facing a heel so it makes sense.
  3. It's a dark match so this is probably a good place to try new stuffs, gl.

  4. What about the Alliance? We already had something worked out for it.
  5. Thanks, I have to change my character a lot because I will try and gimmick and it not work or plans change or whatever and people always go on about it but whatever. Gl Forrest try and get this up soon so I can write one since its nearly 10pm and I only have a few more hours
  6. Jonathan cut it from BFG and we don't have another 4 weeks of build for it.
  7. If it's easier you can go first.
  8. Can I? That would be great also lets me debut my character in case he refers to my old one.

  9. The creative team had a storyline for it though,I'll PM you the idea.
  10. Thanks. I liked working with DK and Nick.
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  11. Yep, if he isn't post your stuffs dawg.
  12. I read all this like you were all whispering together about it.
  13. It was very sensual.
  14. *Knight music plays and the deranged man himself comes out....looking like a mess, still with half the mask on. He walks down to the ring and Begins to act crazy, talking to himself first*
    "The Alliance, You say? Heh....It sounds like a Cure Ripoff.....Wait, I should say something to him, shouldn't I?"
    *Knight Clears his throat and begins to look....weird*
    "Hawk, I don't care if you bring you're buddies from this Alliance Group, a group that will be gone in around two to three months, come down for this match, I'll still kick you're Ass! Now call me Crazy or not, I can see the difference between a Group of Failure and Winners and you three, you are Failures....
    *Knight Talks to himself again*
    "That was good, wasn't it?"
    *He Turns back to talking about Hawk*
    "So, Hawk....Can you Soar like a real Hawk or will you Fall like the rest? Come down and show US what you can do!"
    *Knight goes back to Talking to himself*
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    *The lights go out and a spotlight hits*​
    *The Alliance walk out, Adam and Nick are holding two toy tag team belts and DKJames holds a toy World Title Belt, They walk down the ramp using the belts as guitars to Queen's We Are The Champions, Hawk rolls into the ring followed by DK and Nick, he is handed a mic as Nick straps the belt around his waist*​
    *Hawk sings*​
    CAUSE WE ARE THE CHAAAAAAAAAAMPIONS! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Oh im sorry the song ended already. So today it as been made official by Jonathan that Myself and Nick over here will be taking on Inbred Death Squad B Dazzle and Gav The Inbred Chav at Bound For Glory for the No.1 Contenders shot at the tag team championships, SO not only do we get to destroy IWT but we get to be handed the world and tag team titles and stroll off to FSW with them, Because at Bound For Glory its a no brainer who will be walking out as the No.1 Contenders and even though DK will be holding the title it was all my idea, This faction, This war, This whole thing is all the planning of a mastermind, I am the mastermind that has kept this company afloat with that idiot running it, I am the single handed most dominate force in IWT and I am have become even stronger by aligning myself with Nick and DK and bringing them up to the greatness that I sit upon.​
  16. *Knight Claps...Not Aimed at the Alliance*
    "So....You Still think their rip-offs? You do....Huh....
    *Knight goes back to Hawk*
    "We Knew it....You couldn't face us on you're own....So, We Guess you're going to try and make this a 2 on 3 match huh?. My Partner is asking......If you were Strong before....Why are you Hiding behind the backs of two guys who are greater then you'll ever be...
    *Knight Takes some time to think*
    "Nice Question, I'd High Five you if I could.....Brain-Five! No....Oh, Okay"
    *Knight goes back to Hawk*
    "Hawk.....Take you're time to think....You didn't answer Our First question....Will you Soar like a Hawk or Will you Fall the rest?
  17. The sing ended already.....pls edit that lol
  18. OOC - Adam Aries, Come on.....Waiting for you're last promo.....
  19. Can't make another one sorry.