Callachamp seeking talent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by callachamp, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Callachamp is seeking to grow our roster of professional wrestlers. Do you have relationships or direct access to talent? We pay a residual commission for each referral.
  2. We've got a guy on here who's extremely talented at playing the big man role. His name is Xanth and feel free to get in touch with him via pm if you wish, he'll be more than willing.
  3. Yeah @[Xanth] is pretty awesome tbh.
  4. I'm pretty interested. Been out of work for about 6 months now, I could do with something new to keep me going. PM me more information if you want.
  5. ^ He weighs in at 210 lbs, he comes from The United Kingdom. He is "The Chairman" XANTH!
  6. 230lb
  7. I'll try it again. Standing at 6"3 tall, weighing in at 230 lbs, from the United Kingdom, he is "The Chairman" XANTH! :xanth:
  8. Xanth just sent you a message.
  9. How do you know :shock:
  10. :woo1:
  11. We also have another person who might want to join.

    @[Respect Gohan6425]
  12. Thanks for the responses. Can you have anyone interested send me an email to [email protected]
  13. What is this about? If it's try outs for pro wrestling, I'd be glad to enter... I am 6'6 200 lbs.
  14. I went to wrestling school for a couple weeks, so automatically I'm the greatest wrestler in the world. I'll set the bargaining price at 1 million
  15. Callachamp is a platform that lets Fans chat with sport legends. We have several wrestlers participating including Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim, Ken Shamrock, and Dan the Beast Severn. We are looking to build our talent base.
  16. Can I call Xanth yet?
  17. Cant call Xanth but you can call Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Hacksaw Jim, Sgt Slaughter, Vance Nevada or Big Vito
  18. Dammit I wanna call Xanth tho him > those vanilla midgers