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  1. Since you are all to scared to face Danielson, I am calling you all out.

  2. Does he even deserve a title shot? Does he even wrestle here? Like seriously
  3. Who did he challenge? Also, don't ever call me again if it's not important or else you'll get speared once more. :christian:
  4. I am giving him a redemption push. :tough:
  5. Excuse me? And what the heck can you possibly be doing that is more important then your IWT career!? :mad:
  6. Sleeping. :mad2:
  7. OH HELL NO! :mad2:
    You should be hitting the gym! Are you a Champion or a pre-qualifying has-been!?
  8. How...Dare...YOU!:mad1-61:
    I will end you woman!
  9. The only thing you will be ending is your career if you don't get out of bed and to the gym! :angry:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. You're a dime a dozen. :umad:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Thank you brit, see this is what I deal with^
  14. Yeah, you deserve more matches because you lose every one. Like, seriously
  15. What? No come back? You are nothing but a "Cum-back kid". :pity:
  16. I should introduce you to Gohan & you can see what I deal with... :dawg:
  17. I'm good on the poopbombs lol
  18. [​IMG]
  19. IMG FAIL :pity:
  20. Working here. Yeah,the longest reigning Champion of all IWT deserves to be respected whether through thick or thin, I deserve every credit on why this company has been successful. No, not you. You've done nothing here. While you were in the kitchen where you still should be to this day, I was fighting warriors throughout the nation of domination and I ruled victorious. I will always be the top dog in the IWT and I don't need to hear anything from you. I MADE THIS COMPANY, NOT YOU! Now go back to where you belong while I take my long rested nap.