Calling out Adam

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  1. *FailFace comes out wearing a leather jacket and carrying a Kendo stick, he enters the ring and has a look of anger*

    "Now when I came out here tonight, I saw most of you take notice to the look of anger on my face. Is it because I lost the X-Division Title match last night? No, it isn't. It is although, the aftermath of the match that angers me."

    *FailFace points to the titantron, and it shows the video of Adam nailing FailFace with the MITB briefcase after the X-Division title match.*

    "Now I told all of you fans last night that I would begin to give my all in this ring, and tonight is no exception. I came out here tonight to call out a spineless bastard who apparently can't face anyone directly without his little partner Jacob Colton by his side. And that man, as you all know and hate, is Adam."

    *Loud boos*

    "That match with Farooq last night proved to these people that they deserve the best from me, and I cannot continue to do that with spineless cowards like Adam and Jacob taking up the space that people like me work to deserve. So I offer a proposition to Adam tonight, with the intention that he will grow some balls and come out here. Adam, I challenge you to a match tonight, one on one. And if your partner interferes, or comes to ringside, you are stripped of the MITB briefcase. Do you accept this you spineless coward?"

    *Tensions arise in the crowd*
  2. OOC: No and suspended for a month so cant anyway but my suspension ends a week before SS so I guess my match with Farooq is still on
  3. OOC: How'd you get suspended?
  4. OOC: Voted for myself in a match. Fucking stupid thing to do :/
  5. OOC - You get suspended for that? I thought you just got your votes for that match reset to 0....
  6. OOC: It doest say about suspension for that in the rules so ima speak to Jabri
  7. OOC: FailFaceFTW You want this match still? I will give you it when I come back on the 26th but not for the briefcase
  8. OOC: Adam doesnt have MITB
  9. OOC: I have the X-Division No.1 Contenders Briefcase not MITB.
  10. OOC: Ah, well, I'll take the match when you get back Adam568