Storyline Calling Out An Old Friend

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  3. As the vocals kick in, a very confused Scott Fargo walks out onto the stage with a mic in hand. Fargo stops on the ramp and signals for his music to be cut. After the music fades, Fargo looks around at the crowd and then at the stranger in the ring. He gives a shrug.

    He raises the mic to his face to speak.

    "I have way more important shit to take care of so I'll keep this short and sweet, mate. I've never seen you before in my life."

    Fargo drops the microphone and walks to the back.

    OOC: Adam, mate, probably should have messaged me first about your plan to call me out so I could tell you no. I've already got a bunch of stuff planned out for Fargo.
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  4. *Lord Lee laughs his DAMN head off as he sees this unfold on the TV in his hotel. He shakes his head and smirks as he pours himself another glass of wine*
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  5. POUR ONE OUT BABY. Holy shit this was ridiculously hilarious. Most anti-climactic feckless return ever mate. And you didn't even message Dojo. My god. Null and void. Love the IWT.

    Never change Adam. Welcome back.
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  6. Literally zero part of this was planned. There was no direction and fuck all happened really. But by fucking god the absolute banter from all cylinders.

    This may be the perfect representation of IWT as a whole. Mad respect to all involved.
  7. Hope my banter didn't scare you off, pal. Would love to see @Adam in the @IWT.
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  8. I'd love to see @Adam in the IWT too, shame he's not been on for a while.