Calling Out Savat

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    Gray is already in the ring as he holds a microphone to his mouth.

    Gray: "First off, i'd like to introduce myself as I haven't in a while and all you bandwagon fans will probably need to know who I am. I am Dylan Gray, the most must-see superstar in IWT, the future, the present, and as I have said many times before, anyone who comes before me, will be the past. Anyways, now that that's done, let's get on with why i'm out here tonight, i'm out here to discus my upcoming match with Cole and Will Savat, with my partner being that new guy who's already lost his first match, Corey Marcus."

    Gray: "I don't have any problem teaming with Marcus, well I do, but I don't want any bad vibes before the match, but I could probably handle both Reagers and Will on my own, but help is nice I guess and it's something for him to do. but my opponents on the other hand, Reagan Cole, don't know why he's in the match but so be it, give jobbers a chance, we've all been there once, well, I haven't but that's besides the point, I don't care about you, let that be about it."

    Gray: "Will Savat on the other hand, the most overrated athlete on the roster, you say you're a shoot, but I just see you as an attention seeker, lonely, craving attention like the sad, sad man you are, but reality check, Savat, you're nothing more than a wannabe, someone who finds pleasure in pretending to be a badass while on the other hand I am a legit badass. I'm 10 times the athlete, 10 times the man and 10 times the physical specimen you are, I am The Destroyer for god sake, I don't give myself the name for the sake of it, it's true, 'cause I said so, but what are you, Savat? Scared? At least I call you that, because you've already backed out of a fight twice."

    Gray pauses for a second before grinning a bit.

    "Actually, the actual reason iIve come out here tonight is to offer Savat, again, a fight, 3 strikes you're out if you reject, but hey, third times the charm, so what do you say Savat? You gonna come out here like a man, or are you gonna be a pussy and hide away wherever you may be"