Calling out someone stealing the spotlight

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  1. *Adam Hawk walks out on the ramp with a mic and places his briefcase on the ground next to him*​
    You know, I have had my spotlight stolen quite a lot recently, And im not happy about it, The spotlight should be on me, Im the dominate force of this company but people walk over me and pass by me and take that spotlight and place it on themselves but its not right, Its MY spotlight and I am taking it back. Theres 1 guy who thinks he can leave and let me take care of business and let me make this company money and let me become the face of the company and he believes he can bring his mother fucking ass back here and act like he never left and act like he did nothing wrong and take the spotlight away from me, NO MORE! No longer will anyone steal my spotlight and pretend to be better than me! Rodrigo BRING YOUR ASS OUT HERE!​

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  2. *Rodrigo is shown in the titantron*

    Hello Andy...I mean *Looks at the producer* Adam. I got lost right after you said the word spotlight.
    About what spotlight are you talking about? Do you know what spotlight means? You know nothing,dont ever think you are the best just because you won that stupid briefcase. You come out there and say you wanna become the face of the company? Yeah,work hard and you might maain event superstars one day bitch. Were you the guy who carried my bags two weeks ago or the one who asked me for help when you first signed up?
    You already know you'd lose. And I dont have time for stupid wrestlers who think that can call out anyone just for gettin some heat.If i ever step into a ring with you, I would smash you like an ant. I'm the number one contender for the IWT title,I'm a main eventer,all I can see is that Britanica have taught you wrong. She migh have tell you that you are superstars.But you aren't,you are guys who prepare the crowd for the main event,for me.
    Keep the dark matches up loser.
  3. Dark matches? HAH! Dont make me laugh, Im the best around here and the fact that your No.1 contender makes me sick. This briefcase isnt stupid, Its guarantees the title I have deserved since I arrived, This is my turf and I dont like intruders. I want you in a match, Of course that wont happen right now because you dont even have the balls to arrive here tonight​
  4. Spotlight? A torchlight hanging from a piece of string is not a spotlight you nitwit. Crawl back under whatever skirt you hid under and let the grown ups wrestle. Take your ugly looking lunchbox with you as well. Seabs will take your lunch otherwise.
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  5. Someone mention taking lunch

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  6. :mog: Crayo is in the IWT house mothertruckers bow down.
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    *Rodrigo appears from the crowd like the Shield,holding a sledgehammer on his right hand*

    Really?Was that a promo? Three lines Lol?
    Your parents must be proud of you, finally on TV and holding a briefcase that gives you a shot at a title that should have been mine long time ago. Yes kid,I was screwed,I could have won two titles that night. The first guy to hold three titles at the same you know what does it mean?
    So instead of being bitching around....
    *Steps into the ring*
    Face me in a match , I put the conditions and you agree.
  8. *Jacob Colton enters the ring without a theme, enters the ring and stands next to Rodrigo*

    Hey, calm down guys! Nice to see you back Rodrigo, hope you stay now here for a longer time, hope you win titles and do it because you have one of the best chances of your life. About that child in front of me who defeated me at Extreme Rules, he's really weak, I didn't give everything I had and that's why I lost but you give everything in any match so it won't take you more than a promo to defeat him, you saw that, a three line promo, and it's really repetitive, always saying what he is an asskicker, and more words. Brother, I want to be in your corner during your championship match, you want me to be with you?
  9. *Joel Rain walks out onto stage with his United States Championship on his shoulder.

    "Hold it, hold it, hold it. Let me get things straight because this is confusing me. Adam won the briefcase and thinks he's the be god damn talent in the business and thinks Rodrigo is stealing the spotlight with his return, Rodrigo say Adam's stupid for thinking he's good, and Colten says that Adam is a fluke and is kissing the Spaniard's ass. Am I right? Feel free to correct me."

    "No corrections? Alright, moving on."

    "I'm out here not only to figure out what the hell is going on, but to sort of, correct all of your wrongs. I don't want a spotlight, or a some plastic briefcase, I want to be known."

    "Now, you must be thinking, 'Joel, why do you feel you need to be known? You're already the United States Champion.' and you're partially right, I am the US Champ, but that isn't enough, I need to make sure people know the name Joel Rain."

    *Joel looks around and then smirks*

    "And nothing is going to stop me."
  10. *Rodrigo laugh at both of them (Adam and Rain)*

    First of all, the fact that you're the USA champion is a joke. That was probably the worst match in the history of the IWT. You both walk down here like if you are something. But you are a flash in the pan. The first guy you face who isn't from the development roster will destroy you. You claim you have 2-0 ? Against who huh? A lame champion who run away for no reason and a unknown guy who I don't remember his name. You have potential but your ego is that big that it won't let you grow as a wrestler.
    You both are a joke, you don't deserve to be in the same ring as I'm right now. You are lame and the only reason why you are now here is because I left and some guys needed to fill the space I left in this company. And Britanica signed up four- five of you at the same time.
    I'm just wondering why am I wasting my voice with you. I have a match for the WWE championship at payback! You know what it means? I signed a contract, I will become the biggest wrestler In this company.
    You have a briefcase for a title that was taken away a from me and a title I have away. You must be proud. I'm tired of you two and your snob shit.
    *Makes a sign to Jacob , rodrigo hits rain with a sledgehammer on the face and Rain starts bleeding like a virgin getting raped by a big black guy (Not looking at you Kid)*
    *Jacob hits a twist of fate on adam*

    Rodrigo stares at Jacob.

    I'm tired of fucking friendships. You're all bullshit.

    *Hits Jacob with a superkick*

    I guess I need some practice before Payback. I need to show this kids how promos are done in the IWT, and show Jacob that he's just another piece of bullshit. So Britanica, make it official. A fatal four way, two promos each. Nothing in the line but the honour. It's time to bring some attitude back.

    *Tosses the mic as the crowd go crazy*
    *He then looks at the three of them that are unconscious on the mat and heads backstage*
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    ITS ON!
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  18. You do the same again, you keep saying you don't care about friendships, I won't care about you anymore, I gave you another chance and you lost it, at Payback it'll be you against me because those other two guys who are actually nothing will be out before the bell rings, you must take care because I'm not the same guy you knew once, I'm a better wrestler and you're now nothing but a piece of crap, I'll beat you in our match and I'll get a WWE title match against whoever because I'm the best wrestler of this company and I'm tired of been treated as crap because as you, I'm a main eventer, I'm a main event in every single match and I'll give everything to destroy you as easy as a piece of paper. You're all going to face a real man with real powers, be ready for our match and don't bring crap, you rookies must be prepeared to this match, and you Rodrigo, you better bring your best because I'll defeat you even if it's in your own language! PERRO!
  19. You know you guys can set up any match you want that doesn't have a title on the line, right? lol
  20. We do know, this isn't for a title, I was just saying that I'll defeat him, the other two guys are nothing to take care about and that when I win I'll prove I'm a maineventer and show I deserve that title more than he does, this isn't a title match