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  1. Farooq comes out to a loud pop with the X Division title over his shoulder. Behind him his manager Jessica follows closely behind. Farooq quickly makes his way to the ring as Jessica grabs one of the mics near the announcer table. Jessica gets into the ring and hands Farooq the mic as he looks at all the fans who are cheering for him.​
    "I want to 'call' someone out here to fight me. One who has just returned days ago, but more importantly, evaded one of my challenges before. That man, is Respect Gohan6425. Gohan, you attack Dat Kid with sheer brutality, and you have injured him, because once again, you weren't the spotlight. You claim your lawyers have 'won' a case that you did not even attend to. Gohan, I am sick of everything going your way, your like a 2 year old child. You want everything easy and your way, but once life hits you, you just sit and cry." Farooq said as the fans chant, "Sit and cry!"​
    "Gohan I have challenged you before, and you ran once again, claiming you were a main event superstar. How about you back that claim right now, I challenge you to a match, if you can beat me, the X Division champion then you will prove that you winning the WWEF Championship was reality, and not a fluke. Although if you can win, then you will gain believers. I'm not forcing you to come out here, I'm giving you a choice. Either show that the birth certificate is right and you're a man, or run like the little mouse you are, run from the challenge that is a human being." Farooq said as he awaited Gohan.​

  2. Music Keep playing for about over 30 secord without anyone coming out​
    Thank fainlly his lawers David Otunga coming out.
    Otunga has a mic and is on the stage.
    Mr. Otunga: 1st of all I would like said I am 23-0 and NOW in Court Case and said scary Britanica away from the IWT and let it to same crap guy name Jonthern, Thank Otunga said :As for you Mr. Farooq MY Client THE GREAT FTJ which I will say was the 1ST EVER IWT WWE HEAVYWEGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! AND STILL IS THE LONGEST RUNNING IWT WWE HEAVYWEGHT CHAMPION EVER! Now my client Mr. Farooq would love nothing then to kick you ass in his own words, but as his client I have inform of his best intest as to get away from any problem that made hurt him down the road. And let be realled he if my client here that no talking what he would do to you. I mean what he did to dat kid was in his words just a small thing of what he can do to someone else. If you all had not SCREW MONTH AGIO at the Rumble Britanica by restart the match after he had already won the match FTJ would not have got to this point. To add insells to injury u WRONGFUL SUSPENED MY CLIENT AND THEN TOOK HIM OUT OF HIS IWT WORLD TITLE MATCH 2 DAY BEFORE THE E.RULES PPV! So as for you fight it in my power to tell you FTJ will not be fighting you. And in his word he will fighted on his TERM! Thank YOU ALL AND GOOD NIGHT! Otunga walk to the backstage as his theme song plays.
  3. "Now hold on hold on..." Farooq said as Jessica took the championship off of Farooq's shoulder. Farooq reached in his pocket and pulled out a paper with the words Harvard on it. "Now if you want to take this to court David, just remember, I was still the one higher in school." Farooq says as a copy of the paper appears on the titantron. It shows a name of students, with Farooq being in the top 3 and David Otunga being below. "Now, it seems that your grammar skills as fallen like a boulder from a plane. Now as for fighting on his term, what terms? He has no spine whatsoever, he is a coward. You're no different. You hide with him for easy cash since you never had the passion to make it to the top, you had to marry your way to the top, both to your wife and Gohan." Farooq said as the crowd says, "Ohhhhhh!!!"

    "You're client isn't a man, all he does is run. He runs like a man away from his family, and just like that kind of man, Gohan will never win anything. No one wants a coward, no one wants a liar, and no one wants a fool, which is what your client is. You want to know why he wants it on his terms? Because he is scared. Scared of a challenge, and he should be. Unlike others though, he doesn't push through the challenge and fight, he runs. You call him the 'longest reigning IWT WWE champion' well guess what, he's nothing compared to the other champions here. He doesn't deserve a main event push, the only push he deserves is off the stage. If he doesn't fight, then he'll prove to me and the rest of the IWT, that he not only deserves to not be in the main event, but that he does not even deserve to be in the IWT. Enough running Respect Gohan6425 you either fight or show just how much of a coward you are and continue to hide behind your low class lawyer."
  4. Mr. Otunga: Injore everyone and still walk out. under his Client order.
  5. OOC: Has Otunga been drinking? He is slurring his words. Make him say the alphabet backwards
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