Calling Out Someone....

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  1. *Adam walks down the ramp, He has the Tag Team Championship around his waist*​
    Theres someone out there who handed out an open challenge which I responded too. But ever since then he has ran around and made every excuse under the sun to get out of this match! This man is a pussy ass bitch, He knows like everyone else knows that IM THE BEST! He is afraid of me, Just like everyone else. I am a man who has ended careers and maybe even killed that man! He has been missing for nearly 3 months since I beat the shit out of him in a street fight, I threw him all over the place, Ended his career and maybe even have killed him. Thats why DKJames is scarred to face me! I challenged you to a steel cage match! A match where we are locked inside and we cannot escape, No one can get out and no one can get in.... You accepted. So where have you been! You have made no plans for this match to take place, You ran and you ran until now because you've hit a roadblock, That roadblock doesnt let any take the piss, That roadblock isnt gonna take your running around and your pussy footing around this match. This roadblock wants this match. This match is happening, DKJames and Jonathan get out here!​

  2. You called me? What do you want, dweeb.
  3. *Adam laughs*​
    I want this match official you idiot! I want that cage lowered and that asshole out here with a ref!​
  4. *Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage with no music and a smirk on his face. He raises the mic to his face.*​
    "Running? I assumed the match was called off, seemed like we were never on the same page! Either way, I'd be happy to kick your ass inside a cage. Bring it."​
  5. Jonathan Should I make the thread or should you?​