Storyline Calling Out The Bullad Club

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  1. Nick walks out onto the stage, taking in the decent reaction from the fans. He makes his way towards the ring, holding a microphone in his hand. He rolls into the ring, gets back onto his feet, and motions for the music to be cut. He stares towards the back, noticeabley angered.

    "At IWT Uprising, I did just what I did at all the Uprisings in the past. I won my match." *he shrugs* "Good stuff, right? It would've been, had I not been assaulted by the whole Bullad Club! I don't know why I was attacked. I had a match, and beat one of their boys. Big deal. As far as Im concerned, when I was the best stable of all time, The Order *faint pop in the background* we didn't need to worry about that, because we didn't lose. So I guess I don't know what its like to be in a group that loses."

    He pauses briefly, pacing in the ring.

    "But it seems that if they get in trouble, they'll just attack for no reason, using their numbers game to their advantage. Whatever. I want to hear it from this club themselves. I don't care if it's all of you, or one of you. Why the hell did you blindside me and beat me down? Get out here, and give me the answers I deserve."

    Nick drops the mic and stares towards the stage.

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  2. After a few moments of silence Nick's request is granted as the Bullad Club's theme begins blaring through the arena sparking a wave of boo's. However, instead of the usual four man pack, James Dragon appears alone on top of the stage. An arrogant smirk on his face as he makes his way down to the ring, slowly clapping for Nick over the jeers.

    Dragon gestures for a microphone and looks Nick up and down for a short amount of time before beginning to speak. Arrogant smirk still plastered on his face,

    "Ladies and gentlemen... Nick."

    Dragon puts the mic back down and gestures towards the man in question. Attempting to entice people to cheer, instead they boo him which causes James to shrug. Nick's emotion of stoicism and anger stays unchanged.

    "I'd heard the stories. Don't get me wrong. About a man who is consistently on the losing or short end of the stick every single time, yet still boldfacedly acts like one of the top dogs around here. Even more astounding, the people CHEER. But, in case you don't already know let me give you some insight as to who I am."

    Dragon's grin drops as he gets in the face of Nick.

    "My name is James Dragon. I am above you."

    "Though it's unlikely I'll break into that neanderthalic mind and force you to see sense, I'll give it a shot. Yes, you may have beaten Rio Nakayama, you can even parade yourself around and brag about handing the Club its first lose if you really want to. But you and I both know that you beat my comrade-in-arms Rio by the skin of your teeth. And if you have the pleasure of meeting him again, things won't be very similar for you."

    "Now, I can't comment upon the successes and failures of your, no doubt, frightening group, primarily because I've never heard of them until now. But I can damn sure call you up on not knowing what it's like to lose, because I actually do. Unlike you, where every defeat is a lesson and every victory is a triumph, I wouldn't know. Because every defeat is nonexistent, and every victory is inevitable. So don't try and act like you have any sort of superiority over me because you happened to win after losing to someone who was injured. By me, coincidentally."

    "If you wanna know why I attacked you, the answer really isn't complicated. I'm a guy with an abnormally large chip on his shoulder, Nicky. I could be standing before you Universal Champion right now if I asked my comrade Scott Fargo. Because these titles are meaningless to us, save as status symbols; because we already know how good we really are. The issue myself, Fargo, Jacobs and Nakayama have is that no one else seems to get it, how this business punishes the hard working and the talented YET GIVES LOSERS LIKE BISHOP A FUCKING TITLE MATCH! So I and my brethren attacked you Nick, not out of spite. But out of principal. Given that you latch onto that one time you happened to win the world title and never let it go."

    Dragon backs up slightly, still eyeing Nick as he paces back and forth.

    "I want to beat you. At Summerslam, Vice, backstage, in the middle of the street. It really doesn't matter. I don't want to have the mentality of beating a "Legend" like Ryan Davis deluded himself into thinking. I'm going to use you as a stepping stone. A stepping stone to get whatever accolade is required for people to see me as the greatest IWT has to offer."

    "Because of this. You're now my enemy. And because of that, you're an enemy of the Bullad Club. You will not be able to change, eat or even walk down the halls backstage without looking behind your back everytime until you accept my challenge and we officially lock up in this ring."

    "So puff out your chest Nick. Be the big, extremely flawed, hero you love to act like. And accept my challenge. Then once you do I can start making your life a living hell. Not personal of course, I'd just prefer a challenge."

    James folds his arms and ends with a condescending smirk as he awaits Nick's response.
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  3. Nick smirks in response to Dragon's own, slowly lifting the microphone up.

    "You don't need to threaten me, I accept your challenge... BUT, there is one stipulation I want added to our little encounter."

    He pauses, the smirk still visible on his face.

    "I don't want your boys to interfere in our match, and I don't trust simply banning them from ringside. This is gonna be a one on one match, with no chance of interference from ANYONE in your little club. And I'm gonna make sure this happens, because at IWT Summerslam, it will be Nick vs James Dragon in a Steel Cage Match."

    Nick lowers the microphone and says to Dragon, "What do you say?"
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  4. Dragon stares at Nick with slight hesitance before suddenly frowning. He nods his head and mouths "Alright, you got it" inaudibly to Nick which causes Nick's smirk to widen.

    Nick extends his arm to shake Dragon's hand, though his continued smirk implies it's more out of mocking than genuine respect. Dragon stares at Nick's hand for a few moments before rearing back and shooting a lob of spit at Nick's face. surprised by the sudden jolt of disrespect, Nick is motionless for a few seconds as Dragon yells in anger. James' tirade is cut off as Nick takes him down and begins pummeling Dragon with right hands, after a few seconds of defending his face, Dragon returns fire and the two men brutalize each other in a sloppy but extremely vindictive manner.

    Various officials storm the ring and attempt to pry the two men apart, successful in occasional parts until either man breaks free and goes right back for the other. The fight spills out of the ring and onto the apron in front of the ramp. Dragons fellow members of the Bullad club Fargo, Jacobs and Nakayama enter as well and begin dragging Dragon back as the swarm of officials try to detain Nick.

    both men hurl abuse at each other. Threatening and disparaging one another until Dragon is taken out of the entrance way. Nick stops and takes a moment to clam himself, the officials giving him some space, before making his own way back through the cheering crowd.
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