Calling out the European Champion

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  1. Champ steps out holding his cruiserweight title on his shoulder and removes his black sunglasses, walks to the ring and slides in wearing a black sleeveless hoody and white t-shirt.

    I would like come out here, 2 days left to our extreme rules PPV with one concern, and it is to our European Champion FailFaceFTW

    Now this guy hasn't been seen round IWT at all, I can count on one hand how many posts this guy has given, but besides that I won a major triple threat match against RiotRaven and Rodrigo to face the Champion. The match he selected was a prediction match, the most unimaginative match in IWT in my opinion and I know of others. Heck it has been known as the match FTJ picks so he has a chance because promo-wise, well he lacks the talent to even be considered a mid-card in this business. FailFaceFTW I believe knows that I would own him in a promo battle and has taken a safer option. I am not going to take a trick out of FTJ's playbook, where I complain and complain until Crayo comes in, wipes my tears away and gives me what I want. I will compete in the European Title match, but I just want the European Champion to explain why he wouldn't face me, mano a mano in a promo battle, a match I have defeated a cruiserweight champion, a US Champion and two World Champions, and heck yes, to get the damn Champion to be active around here.

    So FailFace, get out here, 'cus you got some 'splaning to do.

  2. *Adam walks out on stage*

    Adam: Gets your ass out of my ring! If anyones going after the European Champion, its me, Because when Im done taking apart that Colten bastard, Im going to take my No.1 Contenders contract and BEAT the European Champion. You wasting your time being out here.

  3. *Walks out wearing a leather jacket with the European Championship carrying a kendo stick*

    What's this fuss about? My European championship? Well, let's clear up the picture a little bit. Adam, I have no idea who you think you are but you have no right coming out here, from what I heard in the back, he called me out, not you. Learn your place before you stick your nose in our business!

    *Nails Adam with the kendo stick on the head, knocking him out. Kicks him out of the ring.*

    So Sackfist, calling me a coward now are we? Well here's some info for you, because of my injury to my leg, I can't fight. So looks as if you're gonna have to stick with the Predictions Battle. But I've got a deal for you. You can pick the match that we pick for. And another thing, if you lose, you can battle that prick Adam for the 1 contenders spot since apparently he's got a hard-on for the title.

    *Walks out of the ring, and kicks Adam, and walks up the stage and leaves*
  4. I accept, and Champ I say why pick one lousy match, I say we go off the whole damn card. And If I lose, I'll be happy enough to school Madam there no problem. See you Sunday. Leaves the ring and heads backstage