Calling out the New X-Division Champion

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  1. *Walks to and enters the ring wearing a leather jacket, carrying a Kendo Stick*

    *Senhor Perfect chants start*

    While you ignorant pieces of shit chant that losers name, I've got something to say. After my fluke of a loss last night, I had some time to think after the PPV. And only one thought popped into my head. The title unification of the European, Million Dollar, Hardcore, and Cruiserweight titles. Then I thought, I used to hold the European title, and I never got a rematch after Mr. Sackfist beat me for it.

    *Heavy Boos by the crowd*

    And now today, I heard that there's a new title on the horizon, the one they call the X-Division title.

    *Farooq chants start*

    Replacing the other 4 titles, I believe Farooq made a great choice. But the question is, who will be the first challenger to Farooq and his new title? Well, if anything, I believe that person should be me! And do you know why?! Because I deserve my rematch!

    *More heavy boos*

    But I know that if I don't mention Sackfist, and what's that shithead with the briefcase? Oh, Adam, then I'll get a foot shoved up my ass. So...

    *Rolls out of the ring, gets a chair, and rolls back in the ring, and sits in the chair*

    Okay, Jedi Master Farooq Adam568 and MrSackfist , get out here and lets talk about this in this ring, face to face.
  2. Farooq walks out with the X Division championship on his shoulder, with his escort Jessica behind him. In his right hand a microphone, and he is wearing a black suit. Farooq slowly makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers loudly for him. Farooq makes his way up the steel steps, telling his escort to wait by the announcer table as he enters the ring.

    "You want a shot at the new X Division championship? I will consider, but I must ask, why should you get the chance?" Farooq asked as he looked at Failface. ​
  3. *Adam's theme hits and he and Jacob walk out in the crowd with the titles and they high five, Jacob walks backstage and Adam walks through the crowd, The briefcase is hooked on his belt, He jumps the barricade and climbs in the ring and shakes Farooq's hand as a sign of respect, He is handed a mic*​
    Hold the phone fuckface, Apologies Farooq but this kid is on crack if he thinks he deserves a match! I promise you there will be no match for you, You aint even a contender, The title isnt yours, You have no rematch, you took too long and now theres a new champion. Its already made the X-Division Champion Vs Me at Summerslam and im sure Farooq has a better opponent planned for MITB. Farooq?​
  4. Now hold the phone here Adam, when you lose a championship here in IWT, you get a rematch for it. I lost my European championship, and never got a rematch because of your fake briefcase bullshit. But Mr. Sackfist also deserves a rematch as well after losing last night. So Farooq, as our X-Division champion, I simply ask that at Money in the Bank, the match will be Mr. Sackfist vs. Farooq vs. FailFaceFTW. What do you say?

    *Extends hand*
  5. *Adam walks in front of his hand and hits it away*

    Well in my opinion you deserve no title shot as you waited too long, So heres an idea. Me Vs You, You win you get a match at MITB, I win... You never get another shot at the title! COME ON TRY IT!
  6. Whoa whoa whoa, hold the fucking phone. Farooq, do you agree to those terms Adam just said, that I get a match at MITB if I win?
  7. You don't make the matches, I do.

    At Money in the Bank we'll have Jedi Master Farooq vs MrSackfist vs FailFaceFTW in a triple threat match, for the X Division Championship!! :sandow:
  8. I wanted a match! UGGGH!
  9. Don't you have a piece of bronze hanging around your waist already? Maybe you should focus on keeping that.
  10. I am focusing on that, I didnt mean a title shot a match against FailFace. My title shot has been planned already.
  11. Well since Adam568 wants a match so much, I'll give him one. Jonathan , can you set up a 2 promo per person match for me and Adam?