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  1. Farooq comes out wearing jeans, boots, a black shirt and a leather jacket as the crowd erupts with cheers. He enters the ring and quickly takes the mic as he chuckles.

    "Now now, as you all know, me and Rodrigo have some....interesting opponents for the next team we fight. We have Trip, Brit and Marcus Anthony. Now, do you really think we are scared of that team? The team of a psycho, a shitty former GM and a flea bag. Then there's Fenris." Farooq said with a laugh as the crowd began to laugh with him.

    "Seriously, look at the team the Wolf Fetish Team should go well with them. I'm pretty sure Fenris has pet Brit's kitty plenty of time." Farooq said as he smirked. "Trip? The dude looks like he has more fleas then a New York Yankees fan. And Marcus? Well he looks like a savage wifebeater, almost though I saw Chris Benoit entering the arena when he came out." Farooq said with a laugh as he looked off onto the stage. "You mean to tell me this circus act is gonna fight us? Maybe for the rights for beastiality, but not taking any championship match from us. You all are a joke, and just like a joke, you're passed due. Quit now, and maybe I'll buy you a dog so it can stick it's red rocket up your asses."

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  2. *The Order of Night's theme hits*

    *Without the usual dramatization Britannica walks out from behind the curtain with Fenris. She stands at the top of the ramp and Farooq starts to gesture for her to come down and get in the ring, sitting on the second rope and pushing them open. Britanica just smiles and holds her arms up in an inviting manner. Just then Trip, Marcus, and Unknown each come through the crowd on a different side of the ring. They each climb over the barricade and get to ringside. Farooq hears the crowd reaction and notices his enemies closing in on him. Marcus slides in first and Farooq jumps on him. But then Trip and Unknown get in the ring and the numbers game takes over. The three members of the Order of Night continue to beat on Farooq while Britanica makes her way down the ramp slowly with Fenris right behind her*
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  3. *Britanica enters the ring and backs Trip & Marcus off of Farooq - Unknown looks around and see's they have stopped fighting him.*
    *Britanica grabs a mic from the side of the ring as Fenris keeps Farooq backed into the corner*

    "We are a pack. We kill together. We eat together. We rest together. The pack looks to me for reassurance as I guide them. *Britanica looks at Unknown* But you... Unknown... You test the waters in which you have no means over. You choose to be dominate in a pack that has no such rule. You bit the hand that feeds you. For that... We shall dine on your bones as well. *Britanica looks at Trip and Marcus* .... Sick him."

    *Trip and Marcus begin to beat on Unknown as Farooq watches from the corner. Trip throws Unknown over the top rope as Marcus dives onto him, hitting him before he lands. Unknown manages to pull a chair out from under the ring and begins swinging it viciously. He backs away and Trip and Marcus continue to approach him slowly, then drops the chair and heads for the crowd - Britanica motions Trip and Marcus to come back into the ring - Fenris backs off and they continue to beat on Farooq, busting open his forehead.*

    *Britanica sits on the middle rope smiling while petting Fenris*
  4. Aids Johnson is backstage watching the segment, taking notes on the members of the pack. He notices the camera, and stares intensely at it before asking "who do you think would be the man in the relationship, Brita or Victoria Parker?" as his security guard blocks the camera, pushing them out of Aids' personal locker room.
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  5. Farooq continues to get beaten, until the lights cut off completely.

    The music fills the arena as the lights suddenly shine back on. Farooq is no longer in the ring, but blood drops are shown all over the mat, in the center it reads "You shouldn't have done that..." in his blood. Female laughter fills the arena as the music cuts off.

    "Shh...let the darkness show you your path...the dark spirits will heal your wounds, as long as you accept them...." A voice said in Farooq's locker room, the doors locked so nobody could see inside. The camera remained at the door as they listened. "We have no more time to lord..." The voice said, as chanting began. The light in Farooq's locker room turning from normal, to bright red.
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