Calling you out Britanica

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  1. Britanica , get your Italian ass out here. We gotta talk about this US title situation.
  2. *Instead of Britanica, Joel Rain comes out*

    "Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. Did somebody say U.S. Title, because it just so happens that I have taken interest in the United States Championship. This company needs a good U.S. Champion, and who else better to fit that gap than me? I think just because nobody else has stepped up to becoming the U.S. Champion, you have the right to just come out here and beg for the title yourself, where's your pride man? So I suggest you walk on back to catering area and stuff your face with cupcakes.
  3. Ugh*

    Listen up jack, brother, dude!
    Before you tell us your heart and determination brother!
    Let me get something off my chest jack!
    You see dude! I called out Britanica! Now unless you're Britanica, you'll have to wait because I've got a bigger issue!
    Impact @ 8 Thursdays on Spike BTW.
  4. WTF, adverts in my head. Back to you. As I was saying, this is not only about the US title. It's bigger than the US title. It's Britanica's secret lover!
  5. *Rain smirks*

    You think I care about what you have to say to Brit? In all honesty, she shouldn't have to waste her time on peasants like you. So I'll say it again. Just put down the mic, walk your ass backstage, and leave the U.S. Title to me.
  6. *Rain has a confused look*

    Secret lover? What are you talking about?
  7. Brother, you haven't heard about the love affair she's been having? I went into her office and their were many men inside there. I saw her do the nasty with a guy and it's time to reveal who it is! Now all I need to do is wait for Britanica.
  8. "I don't think invading people's personal business is very nice. I also think that if you like being WHC, you shouldn't go on with this unless you want Brit to ruin your life."
  9. Brit can't ruin my life. Just like AJ, if she is in a relationship with a superstar, her GM career is over!
  10. "Okay, let me ask you another question, do you like to purposely see people lose their jobs at your fault?"
  11. When you put it that way, yes I do. I really really do.
  12. "Okay, I think I've heard enough"

    *Rain kicks Christian in the gut and hits the Sunset Flip Powerbomb*

    *He gets the mic and sits near Christian*

    "Don't be a tattletale....."

    *Rain walks out of the ring and walks to the back*
  13. *Christian gets up in pain

    I-I le-let him do that.

    Security! Get out here and surround this ring. No ONE, except Britanica is allowed in this ring, got it?

  14. Sorry been busy this weekend... :silva:

    What is going on now?
  15. :stfu:

    I do the talking around here.