Storyline Calling You Out.

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  1. Dylan Grays entrance music hits as the crowd boos, Gray walks down onto the ramp wearing a D-Gray t-shirt and a hoodie, he walks down to the ring scoffing at fans and ripping up signs.....

    Gray: "On the 11th of June I go up against Al Blizzard at IWT Retribution, but more on that later..... Will Savat yet again refused a fight, and where i'm from, you don't turn down a fight, not twice either, the thing about Will Savat is he thinks too much of himself, he's a hypocrite as well, says I think i'm gods gift, that's why he keeps walking in on people thinking he's all that, but in reality he's a nobody, a sad puppy wanting love and craving attention, I've seen it too many time, a hot head, that wouldn't be able to back it up against a real opponent such as Dylan Gray, i'm twice the man Savat is and triple the athlete he is, he can talk shit all he wants, but he knows, I know, and even you deluded people know that if it came down to a one-on-one fight, Dylan Gray would come out on top 10/10 times."

    Gray pauses.

    Gray: "Corey Marcus, new guy, don't know much about him, calls himself the Bad Omen or something silly like like, lost his first match, on Vice.... of all things.... Guess who won their first match? Me, against a much better athlete in Eric Draven and at a much larger stage So Marcus, don't get too comfy because i'll kick your ass also, no matter the situation."

    Crowd grows interest in what Gray is saying.

    Gray: "Anyways, onto my opponent for Retribution, Al Blizzard, there's not much more to be said really, already been through you, pathetic, ignorant, stupid, a no-show, you don't deserve to be here, so I don't really know the reasons why we're fighting other than the fact we're both athletes, though i'm better, and we both had nothing to do on the card but now i'm more interested in other things and have no time for you, but i'll wrestle you anyways just so you don't feel sad that you're not wanted or needed, that's about it really."

    Gray mutters under his breath after dropping the mic: "Better watch your back"
  2. At least I didn't turn BLUE XD
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  3. I went into meltdown okay ty
  4. so glad he doesn't know about The Minecraft Player...or British Kid for that matter