Cameras catch up with Dat Kid during Summerslam

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  1. *Dat Kid furiously walks through the arena* AIrbourne! Where the fuck are you?! AIRBOURNE!

    Ah shit! *Dat Kid aggravates his bad back and hunches over on the wall* Somebody go get me my damn cane! *Nearby staff all scramble in different directions to look for the cane.*

    *Camera crew catches up to Dat Kid*

    Interviewer: Excuse me Mr. Kid, Can you explain to us what happened just now?
    Kid: Why? Are you blind? or just to stupid to comprehend what happened out there? I ain't in the mood to answer you dumb ass questions. Get the fuck outta here!

    *Random crew member runs to Dat Kid with his cane and hands it to him. Dat Kid snatches the steel cane*
    Dat Kid: What took you so damn long? Now, go do your job! Make sure all the lights in the arena are working. Now!

    *Camera crew begins to back away*

    Dat Kid: Did I say you could leave?
    Interviewer: Sir-
    Dat Kid: I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to the cameraman! Your incompetence has failed you once to often today. *Dat Kid reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pink slip, he hands it to the Interviewer*
    I heard MWF is hiring, they'll pay you lower than minimum wage cause you're mexican. Get out of my arena!

    *The interviewer cries like a bitch and runs away*

    Dat Kid: Now is that thing on?
    *cameraman nods. Kid straightens his tie and puts on a big smile for the camera*

    Dat Kid: Walking piles of cash, I know you're absolutely bored with this PPV. I mean you didn't get to see my guy Airbourne beat the living hell out of Senhor tonight, but that's ok because I guarantee that I will retire that relic if it's the last thing I do. Senhor your days of smooth sailing are over.

    Anyway as I was saying, you idiots don't go begging for a refund because up next is the main event! You get to see my guy Shadoxicity beat the bricks off Victoria Parker and become the first ever...IWT Unidisputed Champion of the World! Rightfully that it's going to be my guy to do it. Hell, I'll be damned if I let a woman hold a title that is made for men.

    However, I am a fair man and I'm not sexist in the slightest. I'm willing to offer Victoria Parker a deal that anyone here would take. Instead of getting her ass handed to her live here tonight on international television, I will offer her a sweet deal. She can choose to forfeit her match and I will guarantee that she gets her own cooking show on Food Network. *Dat Kid laughs*

    Hey you can call it "Frozen Microwave Dinners with Vicky P" or "Cooking For One: The Victoria Parker Show". All these single desperate women in the crowd here tonight will gobble that shit up, you could- we could make millions off of it. So CrayJ Lee I'll be expecting your answer tonight.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and you BETTER take it....cause if you don't...I will not be held responsible for what Suicide does to you in that ring tonight.

    *screen fades to black*
  2. *Victoria shows up on the titantron, laughing

    Oh Dat Kid, it seems like you still haven't learned your place. Right now, you're just a shell of your former self. Even your insults don't hold the weight they used to. I mean really, the same old "go to the kitchen, make me a sandwich" and other misogynistic comments like that are really old. By that point they're not insults anymore. Didn't you realize those don't work after they haven't worked the first dozen times? No? No? Well, it seems like you're too incompetent to understand simple things so I'll help you out here.

    Every time you try to intimidate someone into doing what you want, it really doesn't intimidate anyone. In fact it's rather amusing that you think you can intimidate me. There was a time when you were the top of the company...but now you're just a manager of two wrestlers who are as terrible as you are. One no-showed for his match against Senhor and the other is about to get his ass kicked by me, the top wrestler in this company. You're just a shell of your former self, and by picking two unworthy wrestlers to manage it just shows how low you've really gone. I will be competing tonight and I will demonstrate once and for all that I'm the best in this company, and continue to demolish you piece by pitiful piece until there's nothing left. When there's nothing left of your 'wrestlers' there will be nothing left of you.

    *Victoria smirks one last time, drops the camera on the floor and walks away.