Promos Cameron's plan for the IWT!

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  1. *David Cameron is sat in 10 Downing Street in his office. Nick Clegg and George Osborne are stood next to him as Cameron sit in his comfy chair, made out fox and badger.*

    Cameron: Hello IWT universe, it's me, David Cameron. You may be wondering why my eyes have been so stuck on your scummy little organisation for so long. Well.... While this place is poorly run and your GM is a obese Geordie from a impoverish constituency that those hippies Labour have a safe seat in.... This place has mountains of potential and plenty of talent. But wait, I don't want this place because I enjoy this tacky rubbish, I want this place for PROFITS!! The upper class love dirty stinkin' cash, and with the right men in charge this place will give me that.

    You will wondering also why I chose Sir Lee for this task, it's actually obvious really, this man is not just the picture definition of class and sophistication, but he also has a great level of talent to accompany it, maybe my plan much much easier. Will I want extra recruits? I can't say, I'm taking this project a step at a time. But for now, Let's readjust the spotlight to Lee.

    *Cameron lets off an evil chuckle, the cackles sending goosebumps for the viewers of this*

    *The camera pans to Sir Lee, wearing a a blue suit and tie along with a Conservative badge*
    Sir Lee: Oh dear IWT universe....Not everyone gets the approval of a National leader, but I guess some just have that extra something.. Now I'm a Conservative representative, my first decree in the IWT is to take the underbelly and dead-weight of this sesspool down a notch. Maybe even force them out, but I'm not that cruel....Or am I? I'm just screwing with you guys. But seriously, Sir Ree-Gus-Lee wants FRANK THE JOCK OUT OF THIS PLACE!!

    He is the man almost killed any chance of the belt having prestige at all, he is the reason I am scared to touch the IWT premier belt. It's lucky that Bryant, Aids and Parker have saved it.

    So at the next uprising....You and me Frankie....1 on 1.

    @Emperor Lelouch Britannia
  2. ooc: he is facing dat kid in an i quit that same uprising.
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