Can a MITB match work?

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  1. 6 people facing to win the MITB in a No DQ Promos match. The winner gets to face either the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. Since it's them calling the match, they get to choose the stipulation or if it's a promo battle, they can vote for themselves to have the upper hand. Which is usually what the Money in the Bank winner does.
  2. Great Idea
  3. I think a good thing could be eliminate one man per day (also we could do this in Royal Rumble matches if we haven't)
  4. Royal Rumble is you choose 1-30 and whoever wins gets a title shot at Wrestlemania.
  5. First idea sounds good. Don't like the Rumble idea.
  6. Elimination chamber.


    Both could work well
  7. Yep I like this idea.
  8. We only should do it at the MITB PPV and we should do 2 of then like wwe does.
  9. So how will the match be?
  10. This is a good idea @Christian. Unfortunately for yuo Gohan, with me as IWT champion, we are about to embark on a TNA PPV schedule, starting after ER :boss1:

    Welcome to the house Aids built.
  12. OH HELL YES! TNA > WWE! :pipebomb:
  13. Njpw > all
  14. Money in the bank works, I already have a concept for it, but it needs a little work and i wll add it with the rest of the match concepts soon
  15. Go in the other thread your champion (i) made to improve the site, sackfist wants to be a part of the IWT and you contribute really well also. Go post.

    I dont get how you can love something you will need subtitles for. Make a kliq thread and convince me i'm wrong. Id like to see some better wrestling.
  16. It helps in all honesty as you can focus on the wrestling not a boil on Taz's ass or Lawler eating fried chicken. Don't expect promos but some enjoyable matches with a great crowd and I will.
  17. I just expect to be entertained. Do it.
  18. If you don't like TNA don't even look at the TNA section, don't post it EVERYWHERE!
  19. I brought it up, you need to read the OP to understand.
  20. I know why he wrote it but TNA>WWE for sure and if he doesn't like it doesn't matter just don't keep saying everything about WWE wherever