Can anyone here draw well? Pencil Sketch

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by JeebaK, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Can anyone here draw well? Especially faces from pictures? Not colouring, just pencil sketches.

    I want to draw someone's face on a greetings card im giving that person, but i suck at drawing from pictures.

    So if anyone can draw a face from a picture for me, i can just try to copy that drawing.

    If anyone can do it for me i will greatly appreciate it, just tell me if you can do it and i will pm you 4 pics, you can draw the face from whichever pic you think would be the best.
  2. Would want to but I don't have time now. Sorry dude.
  3. No need to hurry, as long as you can give to me a day before new year its fine. Its just a simple pencil sketch of a face anyway, shouldnt take too much time :sad:
  4. I'm not good at drawing faces, but have you tried this?


    Just upload the picture and copy off it.
  5. I know there are lots of applications, i could have just used one if i wanted to.
    But me drawing it is what will make it special. I want it to be special.

    Not to mention it makes the sketch too complicated to copy from. Thx anyways.