Can Gail make the List bro?

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  1. :lol1: I love Gail Kim so much. She's so funny in her heel role.
  2. One of better editions recently, Robbie is still utterly funny.
  3. Is Robbie nude? :gusta:

  4. I imagine it that way every time.
  5. I'm gay for Robbie E, bro.

  6. lol that was my initial thought until Gail went after him and I saw he had pants on. Either way they were hanging really, really low on him lol.
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  7. Robbie's pretty hot :obama:
  8. :fap: Robbie E
  10. Gail Kim is married to that restaurante impossible fuck? I guess i can respect that about him, he is the king of cock-douchery. That being said i wanna kiss her all over, and over again.

    Wait, she's canadian? Pass. Leave that shit for the CM punk's and Senhor Perfect's of the world. Seriously cant believe she is married to that asshat from that show.
  11. Can't believe I used to hate Robbie E. These are pure gold.
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  12. pity like. :harvey:
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