Can I make a suggestion?

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  1. So you guys have the live discussions every week for wwe, how about making them into a chat room format? Just for live discussions, nothing else. I would do them more but its hard to keep up with everyone's posts.

    Just a thought. :pity::otunga:
  2. They do it so it keeps the post activity up. Plus Crayo hates chatrooms.

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  3. So does Zach.

    Zach > Crayo.
  4. Ohhh okay. I figured they can use a hit counter on it or something.
  5. If this was a Xenforo board, you could have auto refresh on the live discussion threads so its basically like a chat room. Check & see if there is a mod like that for whatever board this is.
  6. This won't happen as one of the reasons we have a lot of forum posts is due to live weekly discussion thread. Using a chatroom won't be very effective for two reasons, we can't go back and look at what we said and this does nothing for the forum.
  7. I personally enjoy the live discussion threads as oppose to a chatroom. With the threads you get to see people's reactions on the show anytime you want, get to quote people on that stuff, and it does get more posts here so that is a major plus since Raw's live discussion thread alone gets over 50+ every week, so it's a great addition to the site and shouldn't be replaced by a chat room.
  8. I enjoy having the live discussions but I can't keep up with the posts either.
  9. We were making one ourselves but the developer is really busy. There does need to be one I agree, but with it being MyBB there obviously isn't one already made -.-.

    Xenforo has a lot of neat features for wrestling-related stuff to be hnoest, quite jelly.
  10. The auto refresh would be great. Anyway that can be added? It would def. make a difference. I can't keep up with what people are saying. I'll post something then its already 2 pages over. If they can (the posts) be updated without having to refresh the page it would be nice.
  11. Honest*
    That actually sounds pretty cool.
  12. Random slightly related suggestion that isn't really worth a thread. Could we have it so that discussion threads have 50 posts per page? Would make it easier for folk who have 10 posts per page to keep up.

    P.S I use 30 Posts per page so it doesn't matter for me anyway.
  13. That's an idea.
  14. You can edit that yourself on options.
  15. You can edit yourself and :gtfo: my thread!
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  16. I know but it's a pest for folk who have to keep changing it - just thought it would be easier.
  17. Wow... I try to help and this is the behaviour I receive. Fuck this thread! :cornette:
  18. :umad:
  19. Don't think you can just select threads and say display at 50 posts a page unfortunately. I do keep reminding people they can go into their options to set it as that.
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