Can Ryback be bigger than Goldberg

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  1. So we already know Vince wants Ryback to be WWE's Goldberg. Do you think he will be bigger? Ryback will stay a lot longer with WWE than GB did. And I'm already predicting that WWE will use the Elimination Chamber 2013 to make Ryback seem indestructible like they did with Goldberg.
  2. Pretty sure they are quite even when it comes to physical mass. :cena:
  3. Goldberg's face > Ryback's face.

    Goldberg's big beard > Ryback's 9 'o clock shadow

    But they the same size.

  4. Golberb: Billed weight 285 lb
    Ryback: Billed weight 291 lb

    Victory for Ryback!
  5. Goldberg music/entrance > Rybacks
  6. No his gimmick sucks
  7. Not sure. WWE crowd is a lot different and it's really hard to be that much of a star. Plus, booking now is retarded. Does he have the skills to? Definitely. He can (imo) be a modern Stone Cold if booked correctly.
  8. @[Crayo] The fans that don't like Ryback are the older fans that lived through Goldberg. When Goldberg was alive he was a hero to the kids that watched WWE. Just like Super Cena. Ryback will be similar. He will be a hero to the kids. The adults can go somewhere else.
  9. I've not seen any fans hate on Ryback. Goldberg chants aren't hating. Ryback has gotten pretty over by squashing jobbers, tell me that's not talented.

    I'm an adult fan and I mark for the guy. Quite a few others here do and we'er considered "smarks", the most critical of fans. He doesn't need to be like Goldberg, his look means nothing. Book him properly and he can be incredible.
  10. HE DIE? :((
  11. Vince loves Ryback, so he's gonna push him to the moon. Ryback will replace JJohn Cena
  12. That doesn't satisfy me one minute. The last thing I want is Vince in charge of Ryback.

    If I had it my way, Ryback would be a arrive, do what the fuck he wants and leave guy. Flip people off, destroy who he wants, not face or heel. Completely identical to how Austin was.

    No smiling at fans, no making jokes to heels. Literally arrive, fuck someone up, leave.
  13. :facepalm1:

    No way. Most of the jacked, like.. abnormally jacked (not HHH) are always #2.
  14. i could see ryback with an undefeated streak like bergs
  15. Which would suck :emoji_slight_frown:.
  16. Jaa, GB will always be the man. :goldberg:

    And Crayo an adult? :haha:
  17. He might be. If WWE does the booking right he can be, They just need to get him out of squash matches and put him up against some people that would pose as a real threat like The Miz, Jack Swagger or Dolph Ziggler.
  18. Goldberg was bigger than Jesus back then. So the answer is no.
  19. I would say Ryback will not get that big.