Canadians... :pity:

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. [img=500x500][/img]​

    Senhor, we gotta check this out, lol.
  2. Oh, Canada..
  3. There's a reason why Canadia is most famous for being north of the US.
  4. Canada has good taste. Go Canada.
  5. That's prime real estate too, wtf? :dawg:
  6. Wait a sec. we got two Canadians now? :dafuq:
  7. Bret Hart likes CM Punk too! :otunga:
  8. You didn't read my introduction thread? :cry:
  9. I never read them lol.
  10. :Willis: I see.
  11. Canada does produce some of the best wrestlers ever. :obama:
  12. Edge! Also the only problem with Canada is that they have BAGS of milk. :nogusta:
  13. I don't mind the bags if they produced such a great as Jericho. :smug:
  14. BUT HE'S AMERICAN :sad:
  15. Canadian-American. Canada still technically produced him. :smug:
  16. Only born in the US. His parents (Canadians) then went back to Winnipeg post haste. (probably to get away from the risk of raising a child American :smug:)
  17. Well I still maintain that he's American because he was born there! However being from Canada land would be much better for him anyway!
  18. He's a dual citizen, but in Canada he was raised, on the playground is where he spent more of his days.
  19. He's from Winnipeg you idiot!