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  2. I mean you cannot screw up a fucking match because you have decided to become best friends. Just no. Im out
  3. Out Of Character (open)
    I was excited about the four way match to be honest
  4. Cancel this shit. You fucked up
  5. ........I'm done.
  6. What happened here?
  7. You really dont need to complain about it, The match meant nothing and none of you even bothered to try and start it.
  8. Meant to be a fata 4 way, Then Jacob and I formed a team and it became a tag team match and now its canceled.
  9. They randomly changed it without even asking us. Like hey fuck you we are now best friends
  10. Well this turned gay quickly.
  11. Can you close the thread?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.