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  1. For those who don't care bye. Now my story

    I was a young lad trolling on forums looking for a good one.
    Saw Crayo with his fat bitch avatar had MF and i was like hmm ok.
    Went a feel in love. Post, Donated all that.
    I got Staff was really active. Carried the forum during the summer of inactivity.
    then one day it was down. I thought Oh it's nothing.
    Few days after being down i was like bye MF. rip
    Months later got an email saying it was hacked. I cried.
    I came back to MF to just lose staff and have a new owner.
    I'm now here and if this site goes down i'm killing craylow.

    Done with my story. Time to see the flame.
  2. bye
  3. This kid thinks he's cool eh? Mike and I shall run you.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. WF > MF.
  6. Yea.
  7. I'll join you. :gusta:
  8. suck it