Caption This: A sad moment for The Showoff

Discussion in 'WWE Feed' started by Bot, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Caption This: A sad moment for The Showoff


    Dolph Ziggler was none too happy after being cleared from the ring by his SummerSlam opponent, Chris Jericho. (VIDEO)

    Why does The Showoff look so sad? Head to the comments section and give us your wittiest and funniest captions for this photo from the August 13, 2012 edition of Raw!

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  2. Jericho > Ziggler
  3. Ramen Noodle!
  4. Why does he look so sad? Botty is the second or third worst poster on this forum.
  5. "That bitch took mah muffin"
  6. "WebX marks for me." That'd make me sad.
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