Storyline Cashing in a favor

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  1. *IWT programming comes to a halt midway through a backstage interview. The picture is black for 20 seconds. Program resumes by a shakey camera following two blacked out SUVs into the arena. Paul Allen and his elderly father are escorted into the building by security and an entourage of yuppie types seemingly spaced out on something.*

    *The classical music plays as the spotlight rains down on himself and his entourage.*

    *Paul, dressed in a tight fit custom Armani suite with a pair of vintage Oliver People's glasses, comes to the ring with his father and an entourage following behind him. He pays no attention to the crowd and seems to be a little taken aback.*

    *The music stops, Paul has a microphone in his hand*

    Paul: I know you don't know me. Judging by the way you look at me, I don't think you feel like you can relate to me too much. The audience here in general is from a lower tax bracket. You see my expensive suit and my Rolex, my tanned skin and my perfect haircut. You see an unattainable image. It makes you upset that you can't be like me. When in reality, it's me who is jealous of YOU. Yes, I'm jealous of you. Stop booing. I'm not being sarcastic here. You have something I never will have, an identity. I am nothing but a suit and expensive haircut. You ask those who brush shoulders with me and my name might be Marcus Halberstram or Lou Davis or some other stupid yuppie prick name. They don't care about me. They care about reservations to Barcadia, drinks at Cornells, what school I went to, how expensive my condo is. I want a place in this world god damn it I am not a nobody I serve a purpose!

    *Paul's father is shocked by his sons rant and starts talking to him off the mic. His father takes the mic and starts speaking*

    Paul's Father: Go to the backstage. What is wrong with you? I give you ev- GO.

    *Paul goes back into the dressing room, obviously angry*

    Paul's Father: The investors have decided to take the necessary steps to become owners of the company. It has been decided that the IWT in its current state is not profitable. For the time being I have app-

    *Paul's father is whacked in the back with a steel chair by his own son.*

    Paul (yelling): TRY OWNING THE COMPANY NOW YOU STUPID BASTARD, AHHHH *whacks him more with the chair* YOU STUPID FUCKING BASTARD *more whacks with the chair*

    *Paul paces around the ring as his father convulses on the mat. He finally drops the chair and ascends the top rope. He sits on the top rope and takes out a cigar from his breast pocket. He lights it and takes a draw from it as security rushes the ring, with medical staff not far behind*
    *Paul puts his hands up as security tie his hands together with plastic cuffs. Paul spits on his father as he's escorted out the ring and down the ramp. His entourage come running down the ramp and pass him by without a look, going to his father.*
    *His father is taken out by stretcher and put in an ambulance. Fades to black.*.​
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  2. D'you like Huey Lewis and the news?