Cashing in during a match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PaNda TaTaRi, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. This would be so unexpected if someone done this, say if there was a ref bump and the champion is down and the challenger is trying to wake up the ref.

    All of a sudden the MITB holder comes running down with briefcase and with a ref behind him. no entrance music whatsoever and he uses the Briefcase to hit the Challenger and gets the new ref to ring the bell or even if their was no start of the bell the new ref could make the 3 count?

    Would this actually count since wwe make the MITB details up on the spot?
  2. Well it would be a disqualification, which would still be unique but I'd much rather it happen during the match. I'd love it if Swagger hit ADR with his signature power bomb, and then goes out the ring to get a weapon. Dolph sneaks in, tells the ref he's cashing in, and pins him before Swagger comes back. Something like that would be awesome, because the match wouldn't have to stop / start, but it's highly unlikely as that makes ADR look incredibly weak lol.

    I guess it could work with ADR hitting Swagger down for 3, and then Ziggler comes in and smashes the case over ADR's head and steals the win that way, but wouldn't that result in a DQ?
  3. It's never mentioned that it's a one on one title shot I don't think so theoretically they could make it a triple threat if the other ref is down before he cashes in. It'd be awkward as hell and the other ref can't see the case shot but it would kayfab work I think.
  4. maybe Dolph could hide under the ring during the match like Hornswoggle.
  5. That would've been pretty epic. :damnn: