Catch Phrases you bust out IRL??

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  1. I have a group of my friends using 'WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT' (even in text as wwwyki bro).

    When my cat is meowing I always hit her with "SNOOP... WOULD YOU PLEASE... SHUT. THE HELL. UP!"

    I use 'jabronie' a lot, but that isn't so much a catch phrase.

    Back in the day you couldn't cross the playground without hearing 'suck it', but that has been many moons.

    any phrases that you have lifted from wrestling and inserted into every day life?
  2. Shut the hell up is used in the Stopspot household as well.
    A Sandowesque You're welcome has also become quite common.
    Ric Flair's woo if that counts.
    Not so much a catchphrase but I love introducing myself in Road Dogg fashion.
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  3. Definitely WOO. I woo when watching sports and something good happens for my team.

    I used to use a lot of Rocky's stuff, asking question and then cutting them off with IT DOESN'T MATTER or know your role and shut your mouth. I might have to bring that back
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  4. Oh, you didn't know?
    Can I get a shell yeah!?
    That's what I do.

    Those are all I can think of offhand that get used on occasion.
  5. "Can I have a cola?"
    "Diet or regular?"
  6. after this vid

    I did that to a random girl. She was marginally attractive, and didn't find it funny, unlike my roommate and myself who's girlish giggling ruined the bit

    Me: Hey, how's it going? What's your name?
    Her: Meliss---
    Me: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS ::walking away giggling::

    that's right baby we operating on some 5th grade level maturity
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  7. Beats my game at that age.
  8. Good thing you don't even need game in high school. I think that is part of it, just nobody has game.
  9. When telling my son to do certain things around the house, if he asks me why, I tell him it is Best for Business.
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  10. Almost everyone is so desperate to "have game" or "get some" in high school that you basically just have to stand up and yell sex to get some at that age. Both from teens and pedos.
  11. haha I lke it.

    I tried starting a speech I gave in a public speaking class with "my name........... is.. Randy... Orton.."

    it worked like a charm as they all fell asleep instantly and I was able to present my speech in front of the equivalent of an empty lecture room.
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  12. That sounds better than picturing them in their underwear.
  13. back during my internship I did the McMahon strut down the hallways humming his theme.
    Got over fairly well with the people working there that knows nothing about wrestling.
  14. There is probably no limit actually to the catch phrases I will bust out with from time to time, but I try to make them match the moment. Since my wife and kid watch it with me, they are always in on the joke. But it can still be fun at work when I toss something out just to see the look on people's faces. One of these days I will have to use the gem "From this moment on... this is the moment" and walk away.
  15. I respond to a lot of questions with nope and I say you're welcome after I'm done helping someone out.
    Sometimes,I even pull out the big guns and say OH HELL NO!
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  16. lol, I've admitted to using OH HELL NO before. I've actually heard one of my friends use it. They always pick up on shit i say even when they don't know the origins, like for instance OH HELL NO comes from a kid with downsydrome from Buffalo, NY on a wrestling message board
  17. Since speaking in front of classes is part of my job I should probably bust out the "Oh I got the mic now!" in tribute of old Big E more often.