Cena as an elite mid carder?

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  1. So, yeah, it sucks that Cena burying Rusev is likely to happen. This however, could mean Cena is going to be the odd man out in the current main event love triangle with Rollins, Lesnar, and Cena. So come WM, imagine if Russv is defending the strap against Cena, and they have a long match but Cena wins and is now the face of the mid card. With the title record being one of the things that will be a draw whenever it happens, they can save that and let Bryan, Rollins and Reigns be the.top dogs, while Cena brings the title to elite status.

    That custom belt would be cool to see back. Make Cena a but of a jerk, not heel of course but maybe have him say to whoever he defends the belt to that he is way above his league. No brand split l? Give it to Cena and he will make it comparable to the SD WHC.
  2. Whether he beats Rusev or not (I don't think it's a guarantee that he will), I'm really looking forward to this feud. It was almost tailor-made for Cena, and with Rusev's contempt for America and Cena being the big supporter of the troops, the tension between them should be high and excellent to watch. And if they really want to make it personal, they'll have the balls to have Cena take a huge beat-down in front of a crowd with members of the US Armed Forces in attendance. Have Rusev beat the shit out of Hogan at some point, too (this is probably how the feud will get started), and then have The Hulkster be in Cena's corner at Mania.

    As for bringing some well-needed prestige back to the strap, depends on whether he actually keeps it awhile or if he just immediately drops it to someone (like back to Rusev the following night on Raw.) A long or semi-long reign defending against the likes of Bad News Barrett, Cesaro, Luke Harper, Sheamus (if he's a heel), Big E (if they end The New Day and turn him heel), etc. would be excellent, but it also all sounds too good to be true.
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  3. I can see Cena rocking the US Belt for awhile just to help out the cause.. especially in a feud vs Rusev.
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  4. Cena as an elite midcarder? Not sure Vince would swallow that pill.
  5. Cena will still draw even as an elite midcarder. He can feud with so many fringe main event guys.
  6. I could actually see Rusev feuding with Cena leading into Fast Lane and beating him at Fast Lane.

    Then, either Bryan or Reigns (whichever one doesn't win the Rumble but who just won a big match at Fast Lane....I can think of Reigns going over Rollins or Bryan going over somebody else big....that's harder to picture at this point for me) gets challenged by Rusev. Imagine how Lana could brag that Rusev beat the best fighter in the WWE and using that as a club to attract the attention of Bryan or Reigns, leading to a U.S. Title match at Mania, won by Bryan or Reigns, whose name would actually help and be more believable in and out of storyline, could carry the belt, defend it against top midcard talent (Ziggler, Barrett, Cesaro, Ambrose, what-have-you), and bring some much-needed prestige back to the U.S. Title. Maybe this even leads to the long-rumored (or long-rumoured, for my British friends) unification match between the U.S. and IC titles.

  7. Nah, there's no doubt he'd still draw as a midcarder. But, the real question is, would Vince be able to swallow that pill?
  8. While I agree with most of the things you said here and they all make sense... I don't really agree with the unification of the US and IC title. Because US title should remain for (low) midcard talent and the IC for upper-midcard talent.
  9. I'm not advocating a title unification. I think they serve two separate purposes (in fact, the exact ones you mention) and should both be kept.

    I merely was spitballing that such a unification could happen. It's been suggested that the U.S. Title has been so "damaged" by the way U.S. Champions have been booked that the best thing for it is to be done away with and, should WWE want to keep a "lower card" title, they could bring back the European Title (which would also mean that all of the old WCW titles brought in back in 2001 (WHC, U.S., Cruiserweight, World Tag Team Championship) have been done away with and all of the titles would be WWE-created. To me, that's a useless argument, but...hey, that's what the interwebs are for.

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  10. If they do this I could see it as a sign that they may be moving Cena to that stage in his career of being the one to help put the young guys over. He's got the name, he's got the like and if the younger heels can beat him up still lose but still have Cena put them over for 1-2 matches it would help. Let him start to fade from the main event scene allow the likes of Bryan, Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose fill that gap become four people who could hold the main belt and do good rather then just option C.
  11. Gotcha, bro.