News Cena injured on house show

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Feb 2, 2014.

  2. He shouldn't be working as many house shows as he does he's too valuable and banged up.
  3. Damn it, Cena! :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. As long as DB was there the crowd was probably happy.
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  5. :yes:Yessssss this is great news no Cena maybe now WM can be awesome without him
  6. PWInsider also reported it was not Cena's decision to not wrestle but WWE's. Cena was willing to wrestle but WWE refused. This is good that WWE is looking out for their talent, I dont see this as any issue as if Cena is willing to wrestle then he cant be too hurt, he will just take things easy and recover.
  7. I would say it is tasteless to cheer for the injury of another, but then I realized if a giant safe fell from the sky and crushed your skull (like in roadrunner vs coyote) I would mark. So hate on my pathetic bridge troll friend.
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  8. I hope Cena heals up. But DB being there im sure was satisfying...why a refund? I would be happy with that steel cage match decision. lol
  9. I would have preferred Bryan vs Orton than Orton Vs Cena. They both wouldn't be great but at least Bryan Vs Orton is better. If I had my choice it would be Bryan Vs Cena.
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  10. An eye injury? Guess it's "you can't see us" then, Cena.
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  11. That was a groaner, Snow. And I like groaners.

  12. Damn, Cena should have stayed off to heal from a injury on a part like his eye. Hope he'll get better soon,
  13. Prefer moaners myself.
  14. Moaners, my age, either one will do.

  15. One of my farewells is "take it easy" and one guy I work with always says "I'll take it anyway I can get it at my age"
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  16. Dude...that's you?