Cena makes joke on the World Heavyweight Champion

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by PSachkovsky, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Did anyone notice how John Cena says that going after the World Heavyweight Championship would be much easier for him to win, 'no matter who holds it'?

    I mean, really?

    The World Heavyweight Championship is already in a bad shape, but now they let Cena completely bury that title?

  2. Yeah he did kind of bury ADR too.
  3. A few of us discussed that in the Discussion thread. It was a pretty silly speech, intead of shitting on WHC he should have just said that he prefered to fight people he didn't like or something.
  4. Nothing new there. The title changed hands in 18 seconds at WM and they constantly bury everything and everyone in WWE anyway.
  5. I think what he was trying to get at was that the WWE Champ was going to be either Rock or Punk, and he hasn't been able to beat either of them so it would be more of a challenge. Then again, it's not the first time the WHC has been shit on. Punk called it a "second rate" title (or something along those lines) during one of his promos a while back, I don't think anyone bitched then (aside from maybe a few Punk "h8rs").
  6. WWE treats the WHC like crap, Cena was just stating the obvious.
  7. I like the WHC so it doesn't really matter whether they say it or not. It's pretty obvious to the casuals as well that he's not going to challenge ADR or go for the WHC.
  8. WHC > Cena
  9. Cena's just jealous because the big gold belt looks better then that shit spinner belt he created.
  10. Well Cena has buried everything in front of him, EVERYTHING.

    I hope he buries himself someday :bury:
  11. Buried completely that title. I was more surprised they let DZ mention unifying the belts at WM. Was it a sign of the future? Especially after Cena burying it?
  12. At this point, who cares? Him bashing it can't make it much worse, and him praising it wouldn't make it any better, the WHC belt has never looked so shitty. It is not because of who is holding it either, it's mainly to do with the non-existent brand split and terrible booking.
  13. It wasn't burying the title really imo. Think about it he's beaten ADR before, he's beaten Show before, he's beaten Orton before, he's beaten everyone who's in the hunt for that belt, so he's saying he's proven he can beat those guys but he can't beat Punk or Rock (the two guys involved in the title hunt.) Whilst it wasn't a great thing to say it's not this nail in the coffin some are saying it is.
  14. I just hope they unify it wit the WWE title, when will they finally realize that the brand extension is dead?
  15. Have they already unified the house show circuits? If so, they're close to it. But from what I understand Mattel has some say on what belts stay and what belts go. So even if we get no brand split the WHC may be around.