Cena nearing the end?

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  1. Ok something I have noticed the last few weeks regards everyones hero John Cena.

    He is constantly talking about the future, new blood trying to push focus away from himself towards the younger talent. There have been a few cryptic tweets saying things like "Understanding the needs of others while recognizing your own is a difficult balancing act. Always do your best to see every point of view".

    Now it may just be me but I am seriously starting to think that Cena's tenure as the number 1 guy is coming to an end. As if they reduce his appearances and keep him safe he will have more years in him. For me I reckon he's going cut his workload and pass over the torch. Plus with this monumental Reigns push thats in the process it looks like he could be the new heir to Cenas throne.
  2. I think the promo on RAW was done to appease fans who were mad at Batista winning the Rumble, Punk leaving, Bryan not getting the title, and lots of young talent being underused.

    Cena will still be booked very stongly until WWE do his last big money match left (vs Taker). That won't happen for another year or two. He's still the face of the company and will be for the foreseeable future. The Reigns talk makes me laugh because he's not even had a singles match at a PPV yet. I have no problem with Cena staying in the main-event scene, as long as he's not in the title picture as much as he has been in recent years.
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  3. I still feel he'll be booked strongly but I reckon his amount of house shows, appearances etc its all going to come down to increase his longevity like they have with Taker. It makes him a cash cow for longer and means he can be relied on for many more years in the way Taker has been.
  4. The promo he cut Monday was just to try and hype the Orton ME, saying it was the final chapter in that book. Obviously it made no sense, they compete in a match together at EC, and say Cena won that match (which kayfabe he should be planning on doing) Orton would have rematches, so Cena declaring the Raw ME the final chapter was dumb.

    I think Cena is going to stop working with the same old guys and begin preparing the next generation. He can work with Bray Wyatt at Mania and the EC, Big E who we know he is fond of, Rollins, ect and go over them all to set up a feud where he puts over Reigns, signifying Reigns is the leader of the next generation.
  5. I don't think Cena's "near the end", as in "going to stop being in the title picture within the year", but I definitely think he's feeling the years and on the downside of his career. He's been the "face of the WWE" and, for most people, the "face of pro wrestling" for a decade. And, whether anybody likes it or not, has deserved every accolade he's gotten.

    I compare him often to the Rock or Hogan, but here I'm going to compare him to HHH. He's put guys over, been a dominant force, been loved (and hated) by the fanbase (often in the same night). He's done it all and skinny kids who can't lift 5 pounds and like to bitch on the internet say he's not a good wrestler.

    What gets lost in that is that he's a tremendous performer, both in the ring and out of it, who's put WWE first in his life so much that it cost him his marriage and most of the parts of a real personal life (hell, his current relationship gets the whole treatment of being chronicled on Total Divas!). He's probably tired and wanting to start taking some steps away from the constant grind. As for WWE, I think they will cut back his appearances away from Raw and PPV's, but he'll still be around for a while, barring any more serious injuries. My hope is that he steps back while he's still able to make the decision for himself and before he gets forced to.

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  6. I actually give him another 5 years max.
  7. When reading what happened in that promo, all I could do was shake my head and say "Ugh, just another Cena promo where he takes what the fans want and uses it to try to get himself over, woooooo"
  8. IF THEY MAKE THAT PISS OF SHIT REIGNS B/C THE NEXT NUMBER 1 GUY I done wwe forever! Reigns should not be the next guy! dean and seth are better then him in term of wrestling and is better at mic skill then him! reign can't talk to save his life! he got a spear as his ended move OMG how many time have I seen that before!? I don't know what the fuck people see in reigns he not that good a all! The only reason Ashley thing about making him the number 1 guy is b/c he cousins with the rock! other why that would not think shit about him! AND DON'T THAT NOT TRUE B/C IT FUCKIN IS! Bryan should next number 1 guy lain and sample! I would said CM Punk wwe fuck that up by fuckin him over so many time he fuckin said fuck u to wwe and walk out! Hope Bryan does not end of doing this I can understand when u got the long fans ever cheer his name when he not even in a match or in a promo that not apart of him!
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  9. This is why we never could have teamed up in IWT, you fucking IDIOT. I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! FUCK YOU GOHAN! FAGGOT!
  10. Holy crap Gohan has unleashed something deep and dark and scary from inside him. :urm: Be still, Gohan... don't eat us... *runs*
  11. I'm a BIG DB mark, and even I know that Reigns is the next big thing in the WWE. DB is the transition between the two, which is still nice for me personally to watch.
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  14. But Reigns is better... :troll:
  15. Yeah, he actually is.

    He may not be Rollins or Ambrose on the stick or in the ring, but he's got the size WWE wants and loads of natural charisma. Reigns also has an amazing aura around him. It's an aura where when you see him, you know shits about to go down. Reigns is young, so he's also got plenty of time to learn.
  16. HE NOT RETARD! HE DOES SPEAR BIG DEAL! Goldberg done and Edge has done that! he move stald very slow place matchest and poor mic skill!
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  17. HE HAS NO CHARISMA AT ALL! HE HAS POOR MIC SKILL! And his wrestling is avagage at best!
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  18. Roman's spear puts Goldberg and Edge to shame. He's also got the Superman Punch which is awesome and that sick dropkick he does to guys on the apron.
  19. He's still better...:troll:
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  20. He's got loads of charisma. When you have charisma, you get people attracted to you. Trust me, people pay attention when Roman Reigns is in front of them.
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