Cena shoulder surgery

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  1. John Cena Likely Out for WrestleMania 32

    Apparently he will be out for possibly 6-9 months and miss Wrestlemania

    Man the injuries just keep coming. The WWE might wanna consider allowiing steroids and pain killers to the superstars at this point lol
  2. The only thing that could possibly be worse than this is a Lesnar injury, which then results in Triple H and The Undertaker End of an Era Part Deux headlining WrestleMania
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  3. Im just waiting for Reigns to get injured and then we'll see another title vacated
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  4. Can Dr. Z-Pak prescribe this roster an off season or lighter schedule? Damn
  5. Lol steroids and pain killers don't help with injuries. If anything steroids can cause muscle injuries and pills will only make the roster a bunch of addicts (I'm sure plenty already are). What really needs to be legalized is HGH.
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  6. DB back to lower midcard in near future.
  7. They really should go ahead and book Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle for this years Wrestlemania while they can. They need the star power.
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    What they really need is to hire better creative writers and give these men (and women) some damn breaks every now and then instead of running their bodies into the ground.
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  9. touche
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  10. That's the worst part of it. These guys are going out there, risking their bodies to put on very physical matches 5 nights a week for crowds that don't give a crap thanks to Creative. Yeeeeesh.
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  11. I feel sorry for them and I am sure that half of them have considered quitting more than once.
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  12. lol I said "higher" :happy2:
  13. The hits keep on coming. But John will try to pull a chumbawumba as usual and be back before the scheduled return date

  14. That should be his new theme song when he comes to the ring
  15. Sucks for John, but I guess this really speaks volumes about their schedule. I mean, come on.
  16. Cena is out, too? Damn, give these men a break sometimes, Vince.
  17. Will Cena actually sell his injuries for real this time or will he once again recover much quicker than the normal person should and make it back by Mania? :cenanope:
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  18. Pissing the night away.......
  19. The motto of every drunk college boy and every old man in an old folks home...