Cena's Injury

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM CRUNK, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. So most probably seen it in on RAW last night, looks like Cena injuries his ankle or leg editing the ring.
    Anyone heard any news ?
  2. It happened like 10 seconds ago. Lol

  3. I know lol.
    Just putting it on before I sleep. :emoji_wink:
  4. Looks like it's part of a work. They mentioned that "injury" and showed it of how it happened also.
  5. Yeah after seeing a bit more of the show, just looks like it's kayfabe.
  6. Most likely a kayfabe thing. If it had been legit, they never would have had him worked over in the locker room segment. The last we would have seen of him would have been the trainers wrapping it up, if we saw that much.

  7. This pretty much. We're not that lucky :downer:
  8. Yep ! At first I was like :lol1:

    But then I was like :finger:

    God Damn Cena !!!
  9. It's a work. He lands wrong on his foot but the doctor says it's a possible torn meniscus.
  10. As a veteran of many leg injuries back in my athletic days, this is very possible. Landing wrong, especially while trying to accelerate to a run, can easily injure the ankles or knees. As the meniscus is the cartilage that disperses friction through the knee joint, a tear in it can be debilitating if your regular activities involve any kind of impact to or stress on the knee (including running and weight lifting). As the knees play a major role in the various activities of professional wrestling, a tear of the meniscus could be a major injury. Depending on its severity and the necessary treatment, it would sideline a pro wrestler for anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

    Again, though, considering how much of the "treatment" we saw, most likely a kayabe injury.

  11. Yes but he seemed to land quite lightly even if he landed wrong. I have suffered some knee and leg injuries (minor thankfully myself) and had friends tare their meniscus's. Whilst possible I think it was at most a sprained ankle. Otherwise Dolph wouldn't have kicked on it.
  12. And, by the way, let's keep it somewhat professional, guys.

    I understand you may not care for Cena (or any number of other guys in the business), as I'm not what one would call his biggest fan, but there's a diference between booing him in the ring and wishing harm on the guy. Whether you like him or not, treat him with the respect that he has earned considering his work ethic and love for the business. No matter how you feel about him, treat him with the common decency you should extend to any human being.

    I don't like Tom Brady one bit, but i don't want to see the guy injured. Have some class, fellas.

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  13. This. Liked.
  14. Very much this. If it had been legit (even just a sprained ankle, says the guy with ankles made of spaghetti), the backstage segments would not have happened, especially the locker room brawl.

    Besides, AJ Lee doesn't have a thing for Cena. She's hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing with Punk IRL.

  15. As I've said multiple times to disbelievers, it can simply be an impact injury. Impact injuries hurt for a period of time but then you can just walk it off, or if there is significant damage it isn't painful enough to stop you doing what you're doing but might require some sort of treatment. A dead leg is an example of this. If you receive a painful dead leg, walking is near impossible for two minutes, but it's fine afterwards.

    Cena was injured (although Jonathan doesn't think so), his landing is evidence of that, but he can easily continue.
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