Cesaro or Marella?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Arrow, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Just what the title says... Antonio Cesaro or Santino Marella, which one do you like better?
  2. Considering their current roles in WWE, Cesaro. Just because he's not a comedy character I already consider him superior to Santino in WWE. Now if we're comparing Anthony Carelli and Claudio Castagnoli I'm not sure.
  3. Antonio Cesaro, he could make the belt somewhat meaningful. Santino is a great performer but the gimmick has buried him beyond being a midcard champ.
  4. Cesaro impresses me more in the ring then Santino currently. I don't even catch Santino funny at all.
  5. Cesaro.
  6. Cesaro is a good wrestler and has good charisma. Santino could be good, but is a fucking joke. :true:
  7. Cesaro. Amazing wrestler and far superior skills. Hopefully he gets a push soon.
  8. I don't know who Cereal is :((
  9. I like Santino, but his segments always come off as filler, and the wrestler we see on WWE Programming should be jobbed out every time. He's really the perfect jobber.

    Haven't seen enough of Cesaro, but it's pretty obvious he has talent and is just someone really different. WWE needs that, but that probably means he'll stay on the webshows.
    There are other people who could use that US title more than Cesaro right now. You're welcome.
  10. He's pretty awesome. Even with his shit gimmick he's shreddie to be pushed. I agree with Seabs, anyone who thinks he's main event material with this generic gimmick is milking it. Still though, every single time he comes to the ring he gets great (coco) pops and he's better than Mr. Fruity Pebbles who's the face of the company. Cena is good, but Cesaro is grrrrrreat!
  11. Thats a toughy...Marrella. But if it was a title match then you'd hae my vote for Cesaro.
  12. santino
  13. Marella. I really feel NOTHING watching Cesaro. Nothing at all.
  14. Same here. Cesaro is a really boring character.
  15. definitely marella
  16. ceasr is awesome. put him the us title instead of santino.
  17. I don't think I've ever seen Antonio, who is he? But seen as I'm a big Santino mark, Antonio would have to be brilliant for me to think about putting him ahead of Santino.
  18. Santino. He is not only good in battle, but he also has a sweet accent.

    What is it? Spanish? French? Indian?
  19. It's a horribly stereotypical Italian American one.