Storyline Challenge Accepted

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  1. Dat Kid is in Trip's office by himself, sitting on his desk, looking at a picture of his family. He puts the picture down back on the desk.

    Nice family.

    Let's start this new chapter shall we. When a man such as yourself enters into a position of power you aren't looking to make the IWT a better place, you're looking to bend it to your will, and if you happen to make some good decisions on the way, well that's a bonus. It's a despicable ploy and it takes a special type of heartless man to do it.

    You're doing quite well for yourself. I see you've already been gearing Marcus for the IWT Championship and then The Order will finally do what they have sought out to do. Control.

    Their only roadblock...

    Dat Kid walks over to Trip's replica tag team championship. He takes it off the rack, stares at it, and then places the belt on himself. that I've been doing this a lot longer.

    Everything you're doing, I've already done and more. I have been pulling these strings for a very long time and I'm not about to let an amateur tie them up.

    Dat Kid walks over to Trip's old butcher knife and grabs it out of its display case.

    I've come here to warn you because I am going to hurt you at Money in the Bank and I will leave a broken mangled, unrecognizable, pile of flesh and leave you just okay enough to sign my paychecks.

    However that's not the warning. When I reunify the IWT and World Championships, you and I are going to have to work together whether or not we like it or not, so I want to make sure we have an understanding of the basic rules of IWT.

    Rule #1: Don't fuck with me

    Dat Kid slams Trips butcher's knife through the picture of his family and into his desk.

    See you at Money in the Bank. Jesus wept.
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  2. OOC: Damn it, my office has no security what-so-ever does it? :dawg:
  3. :nope:
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  4. Marcus snags one belt and Harriet grabs another, what a great day that will be for the Original Aids Johnson team.