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    If you would like to:
    Challenge a Champion
    Set up a match
    Set up a PPV

    Please do it in here.
    Thanks! :otunga:

  2. Unless I become the assistant GM, I would like to call out @Cloud for the hardcore title.
  3. @cloud (so he knows) :otunga:
  4. I Challenge @Senhor Perfect For the Intercontinental Championship
  5. @"senhor perfect"
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  6. It all depends on what happens tonight.
  7. So @"senhor perfect" won correct?

    Next up @"dat kid from jersey" vs Aids (don't know his new name by heart yet lol) for a contenders match to face Senhor.
  9. I say Senhor opts to vacate his other title, give it a contest for the under contenders to mvoe up...AA did it. :pity1:
  10. Thanks for that, Aids. lol

    So whats this whole thing with the voting being fixed?
  11. People made multi-accounts just for voting. Big Hoss banned all of them already I think. He said try another method, I think. :hmm:
  12. So there was "cheating" in the voting polls?
  13. Supposedly. Hoss hasn't said if the IP belonged to anyone who already has an account, but there was definitely some multi-accounting, dunno' who though. If you look at the results of the poll, you can see the usernames and some of them are just so ridiculous, lmao. Gohan was advertising the poll on his channel, so some could have been from there. Don't really know what went down.
  14. Lets be serious, multiaccounting is fucking pathetic and should be met with extreme measures. What i mean is we shoudl get to give them a horrible name, and have it forever be stuck under that IP.

    I dont play that trash, lets see who had the balls, i bet it's staff here. :obama:
  15. I find it quite ridiculous that someone would spam the crap out of something just to piss off Gohan.
  16. I am going to hold one last voting session for this. THAT IS IT! :angry:

    I am sorry @"senhor perfect"

    I know this has to be somewhat annoying at this point lol
  17. :FACEPALM: Whatever.
  18. @Britanica Make it a shorter time to vote this time and stick to it. Like one hour to vote.
  19. :damnn:
  20. @Britanica I'm ready for my match against Aids for the #1 Contender's spot for the WWE title