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  1. *The lights go completely out, shrouding the arena.*

    *At the 00:21 second mark a golden spotlight hits the stage, showing the Intercontinental Champion, Jack Forté. He's standing on a golden Skywalker, mic in hand, and his attire seemingly matches the title. The standout being the hoodie that the Intercontinental title rests over, seeming worth more than the IWT title itself(reference link). Jack does a couple spins on his Skywalker before riding down to the ring.*

    *Forté waits for the lights to revert back to normal, as well as the negative reaction to subside before he starts to talk.*

    I literally can not believe that you're booing me right now, literally. I'm just so... bamboozled. You should be lucky I'm even here right now, seriously. I almost didn't come out here, and if I did, it would've been to retire with my title. I'm not even kidding.

    *This recites a positive reaction.*

    Ok, yeah. So you'd rather just have FTJ? Ok. I was going to let that happen, but I just couldn't bring myself to hurt you guys like that. My biggest regret is not being able to see myself perform live, so I couldn't even imagine what this company would be like without me. Remember, I try my best to represent you, the people! I couldn't let you guys be left with someone like FTJ, and with no real champion to root for. But fear not, I'm not going to do that to you!

    *This actually gets a small positive reaction.*

    I know, I know. I'm not only out here to receive your endless love and bash FTJ, though. I'm out here to address an even bigger complaint.

    *Forté hops off his Skywalker, picks it up with his free hand, and enters the ring.*

    The next event is soon, and we already have our so called Main Event. Yet, I, the people's Champion, and the man who represents this brand, doesn't even have a challenger! I get it, I get it. Lee sent out a challenge towards me instead of competing for the X-Division title. Sure, that's quite a compliment. But that's to be expected. However, you're telling me nobody approached Big Mike and was like 'Hey man, can I get a shot at the Intercontinental title!?' I mean, yeah I'm undefeated, and yeah I've ended quite a few careers. But my title should be worth the risk I'd like to think, I've taken this title to new heights.
    So I've decided to take the liberty and bring back a time where the champion can choose his challenger. However, it does come at a price. Supposedly I can choose my challenger, if I also accept Lee's challenge. At the same time!

    Now, I bet you're thinking why would I do that instead of just accepting Lee's challenge one on one? Well I'd tell you that that's a stupid question. Thankfully, you guys didn't ask me! You should know that I love to gloat, and if I can retire two more people... who just so happen to be former IWT Champions, then you know I'm probably going to take that offer! So, do you want to know who I've chosen?


    No no no, this is huge. Say it with your chests. Do you want to know who I've chosen!?


    Well too bad! Hahahahahahaha. I got you! You guys were hyped to find out, but then I tricked you. Hahaha. You guys were hyped to find out, but then I tricked you! Hahahaha. You guys were hyped to find out, but then I tricked you!! Hahahaha.
    Seriously though, you'll find out during the event. In the meantime, I have time to waste. SO, Lee, if you want to come on out... now's the time! @Ovalhead
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