Storyline Challenge to a champ

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  1. Farooq comes out in brown pants, black shoes, a white tucked business shirt, a dark brown sports coat and a dark brown cowboy hat. He comes out smoking a cigar, but puts it out on the stage as he makes his way down the ramp. The fans give him a loud pop, as he claps hands with some of the fans making his way down the ramp. He makes his way up the steel steps, going into the ring now. The announcer hands him a microphone, as Farooq begins to talk.

    "It's good to be back in the IWT with full time...except well my car lasted as long as Daniel Bryan's WWE Title reign." He said with a chuckle, "Anyways. I think there needs to be one loose end that needs to be's someone I haven't spoken to since I lost before leaving. The man that took the championship I created, I'm sure you all know who I am talking about. David that's you!" Farooq said as the crowd whispered.

    "I have yet to defeat you one on one, and may I also remind you I never received my rematch clause for my championship match. I'm not going to pull a FTJ and complain about the title match, that's your know, if you're man enough of course, what I want is a one on one match with you at the Slammys. I want to settle this debate, that I can beat you, and you will fall quicker than a boulder down a cliff." Farooq said as he dropped the microphone, waiting for David's reply.
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  2. *David appears on the ramp walking closer to the ring, but doesn't have music*
    "Well, we meet again Farooq. The last time I saw you was when you were busy getting your ass beat by every single person that faced you, which one of them happened to be me. 6 months ago you actually meant something in IWT Farooq, you were a legend, an icon, a star. You built this X-Division title and was one of the most dominant men in this whole IWT landscape. But slowly you started to fall, first it was to a new comer in Suicide who ended up being the IWT World champion, then it was me. I took everything you had that still showed your relevancy, and after that, it was no surprise really that you scurried away and became a "movie star". You're a sell out Farooq, but these people still admire you and hate me. You want to know why? Because you're the guy that comes around and elevates peoples career. You elevated Suicides, you elevated Joey's, and you elevated mine. You're the Chris Jericho of IWT, but the fact that you actually think that's a good thing is quite sad. It means you're a has-been, and all your credentials went down the toilet along with your title reign. Now, we have a real champion, and I'd also like to add, the most dominant champion and the longest reigning champion out of every champion in IWT currently. All the other champions have fallen, all the other Cure members have fallen, but I still stand, and that's because I was single handedly the most dominant man in The Cure, and arguably the most dominant man in the business!... Which brings me to my next point. Farooq, you chose to come back to IWT and for one reason: You're so insecure that you had to come back just so you could finally prove to yourself that after 6 months with a chip on your shoulder, you can beat me. Which is why I accept your match request. I put you into a downward spiral and I want to be the one to finally end the job. Although, if I beat you, you will NEVER be allowed to compete for this title, as long as I hold it. Which will be a VERY long time."

    *David walks closer to Farooq now and throws the mic into the ring past Farooq. As Farooq turns around, David runs in the ring and ambushes Farooq, then ends it off with the brain buster, holding his title up high after*​
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  3. Farooq spits out blood, lifting himself up using the ropes as David leaves. He grabs the microphone, looking at the stage with a smirk as he coughs and holds his stomach. "Better shine that title real nice...." He says, throwing down the microphone as he rolls out of the ring, still holding his stomach in pain as he limps to the back.
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