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  1. Queen walks out with Knight and two men dressed in black follow behind them. The crowd gives them mutual treatment, half of the crowd cheering with the other boos at them. In Queen and Knight's hands though, the each carried a kendo stick. They walk down the ramp, with parents holding their kids back and everyone at the ramp becomes silent. Queen and Knight entered the ring as the men dressed in black walked over to the announcer table and stood in front of it. Queen took the microphone from the announcer and looked onto the stage, with a smirk covering her face.

    "You all saw what happened last week....a pitiful attempt to 'send a message' by two performers whom I tried to side with. Am I mad? No, because I'm glad to be out of that team. Those two were holding me back, complaining every time I came into the ring with my followers as oppose to them. Why? Because I have met people like him before, such humor when you find out they think they are tough. You are nothing, and I do not need my ally for the challenge I have for you this Sunday..."

    Chrysalis chuckles, leaning on the ropes towards the stage. "I challenge you to a match where my own flesh and decaying father set foot in to start it, a place that is perfectly described by it's name, a Hell in a Cell match. Once we enter, there will be no one to save you. You will enter hell, and you will scream and scream, but not one person can save you from my grasp. You will not walk out of her, nor will you be pulled out of a stretcher. You will be put into a coffin, and I will end your career. Come out here and accept the challenge, or I will come back there and end you tonight." Chrysalis said as she set the microphone down and awaited Adam's response.
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  3. *A voice is heard as Hawk walks through the curtain holding a chair as DK follows doing the same*
    "His palms and sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy" thats all i see, is your fear Queen, you come out with a confident look on your face but we all knows it a disguise for the piss running down your leg.

    You just challenged the most dangerous man in this company to the most dangerous match in history, I will take you to hell. I ACCEPT!

    *Hawk and DK sprint into the ring with chairs*
  4. Chrysalis chuckled, two men dressed in black come out from the stage and both, Knight and Chrysalis walks out of the ring via steel steps. "Hell is my home sweety, and allow me to be a good host....and welcome you both." Chrysalis said as she ran up to Adam and speared him. Knight taking out DK with his kendo stick. The two men standing in front of the announcer table held DK by each of his arms. The two that came from the stage, held Adam. Chrysalis walked to the ring, grabbing a table and setting it on fire as she laughed.

    Chrysalis looked at both DK and Adam. She kicked DK in the balls, and as he fell to his knees she kicked the back of his head knocking him him out. As for Adam, Chrysalis lifted his face to face her. She kissed his forehead, leaving a black lipstick mark there. She then directed the two men to take him to where the burning table was. She had them lift him up, and she grabbed him as he was in the air and they all triple powerbomed Adam through the table as medical began to attend the scene. Chrysalis walked away with her followers and Knight, kicking DK in the stomach as she walked past him. "Welcome to hell..." She said with a smirk as she walked out of the arena. The crowd was quiet at the scene, just mumbling and looking the the Alliance now on the ground.
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